Together we are stronger!

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This blog seems to get the lion’s share of web traffic when it comes to the little CBF125, around 250 hits a day! Alas, I’m no longer the keeper of one of these machines but I’ve got an idea. Continue reading “Together we are stronger!”

Possible solution to the dreaded “Kangaroo” problem

Googling around for “CBF 125 Kangaroo Problem” will give you many results. It is one of the most annoying and potentially dangerous problems with the little CBF (more details here), and since it happened to me 3 or 4 times I was fed up and made it my mission to actually find a solution. Continue reading “Possible solution to the dreaded “Kangaroo” problem”

CBF125 vs YBR125 – from the archives

Image credit: Visordown

I dug this up from a reply I wrote to a comment burried in the murky depths of this blog. It’s based on my experiences with both bikes and may be useful if you’re deliberating between purchasing a CBF or YBR, especially the older 2005 carburettor based YBR125. Although apart from the introduction of fuel injection, later YBR125s are similar.

What do I prefer? Well, I’m a bit divided to be honest; there are minor pros and cons to each bike… The CBF seems to have had more warranty issues than the YBR – the build quality is questionable, they’re made in India with the YBR being made in China, which has also had its issues, predominantly with premature corrosion. I’d love to hear your comments. Which do you prefer and why? Or are you riding sometbing else? Read on… Continue reading “CBF125 vs YBR125 – from the archives”

Nearly 25’000 miles and a couple of things…

What is it they say? Bike issues are like busses; nothing happens for ages then three come along at once! Changed the fork oil for the first time, replaced the chain’s master link, which had decided to eat one of its o-rings and had to deal with a rather unique speedo issue…
Continue reading “Nearly 25’000 miles and a couple of things…”

News – slowing down

Hey folks,

I’d really like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read, follow and post messages on this blog. I never thought it’d take off in the way that it did and I’m so delighted to know that it’s helped so many people.

This is just a little message to let you all know that, despite my lack of posting over the last few months, I’m still here but the blog is taking a back seat as my wife and I have just had a new baby boy (well that was 7 weeks ago – time flies). I still pick up all the messages but won’t be so frequent with my replies for the time being and I’ll be slowing down with new posts unless something ground-breaking occurs.

For those amongst us who celebrate at this time of year, I’d like to wish you a happy festive season, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever it is you partake in! And have a wonderful and prosperous happy new Gregorian year!

Thanks again!

How-to: Front disc brake calliper servicing

Since the arrival of the Haynes manual, I’ve not thought it overly necessary to keep posting how-to’s, unless I were undertaking an undocumented procedure. Performing a partial strip down and service of the front brake calliper is one such procedure. I do this every 2’500 miles, as I ride during winter when the calliper and its components are extremely vulnerable to road salt. If left unchecked, the brake will bind, internal components will seize and sorting out that mess will be complicated and possibly expensive. A stitch in time saves nine and all that… Continue reading “How-to: Front disc brake calliper servicing”