Around the world!

Today we reached a bit of a milestone in this little CBF’s life. It’s travelled just over 24’900 miles, which is the approximate distance around the Equator. So we can safely say this bike can ride around the entire planet! Might have a nice curry later to celebrate. And here’s the proof… Nom.


News – slowing down

Hey folks,

I’d really like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read, follow and post messages on this blog. I never thought it’d take off in the way that it did and I’m so delighted to know that it’s helped so many people.

This is just a little message to let you all know that, despite my lack of posting over the last few months, I’m still here but the blog is taking a back seat as my wife and I have just had a new baby boy (well that was 7 weeks ago – time flies). I still pick up all the messages but won’t be so frequent with my replies for the time being and I’ll be slowing down with new posts unless something ground-breaking occurs.

For those amongst us who celebrate at this time of year, I’d like to wish you a happy festive season, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever it is you partake in! And have a wonderful and prosperous happy new Gregorian year!

Thanks again!

How-to: Front disc brake calliper servicing

Since the arrival of the Haynes manual, I’ve not thought it overly necessary to keep posting how-to’s, unless I were undertaking an undocumented procedure. Performing a partial strip down and service of the front brake calliper is one such procedure. I do this every 2’500 miles, as I ride during winter when the calliper and its components are extremely vulnerable to road salt. If left unchecked, the brake will bind, internal components will seize and sorting out that mess will be complicated and possibly expensive. A stitch in time saves nine and all that… Continue reading

17’000 miles – drippy drippy!

So after thousands of miles of uneventful riding, the engine decided to start ‘marking its territory’. Little drips of oil appeared below the engine whenever I parked up and left the bike for a while. Maybe it had seen a Harley and was envious, or maybe it was just a sign of something being faulty. After all, this is the sort of thing you start to get happening after the miles start to clock up.

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Diesel, crash and sparks – ouch!

Ouch indeed… Crashed on the A13 on Tuesday (the 13th, strangely enough) – suddenly lost all control of the front whilst going straight on, travelling at around 40-50mph. The stink of diesel on the roads was immense, but I couldn’t see any at that point. Just before, I had been trying to avoid a mile-long slick in the middle of the left lane that I could just about make out – visibility was poor because of the heavy rain. Suffice to say, the driver of whatever vehicle was responsible is not on my ‘most popular’ list at the moment. Enjoy the video…

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