The dreaded ‘kangaroo hopping’ problem!

So… today saw the hottest temperatures in this country since 2006! We hit a whopping 32 degrees celsius. And my CBF125 ticked over the 1000 mile mark. I did feel like celebrating but my jubilations were cut short… Continue reading “The dreaded ‘kangaroo hopping’ problem!”

A word about Mer Car Polish

Just wanted to post my thoughts on this stuff, after being recommended it. It’s a waxy liquid polish (beige in colour) that is primarily meant for paintwork but you can also use it on shiny chromed surfaces (not sure about fork stanchions though!). It adds a layer of protection and you can keep re-polishing to add more layers if you like. Continue reading “A word about Mer Car Polish”

Ariete Fork Gaiters!

If you’re going to ride all year round, fork gaiters are an absolute must in my opinion. I had fitted some to my YBR and never, in three winters and 40’000 miles, ever had to change a single fork seal or deal with rusting and pitting on the fork stanchions. They stayed clean, dry and in great condition. Did I say I NEVER had to change the seals – they were originals from the factory in 2005! And we all know what the last three winters were like… Continue reading “Ariete Fork Gaiters!”

Where things are now…

Right then, I picked up my new CBF just over a week ago on Honda’s finance offer which means paying for the bike over 3 years, having 2 years of breakdown cover provided and the 2 year manufacturers warranty thrown in. It’s a 2011 model which includes a tachometer (rev counter). Aside from that, I *believe* it’s pretty similar to the previous 2009/10 models. Continue reading “Where things are now…”