Where things are now…

Right then, I picked up my new CBF just over a week ago on Honda’s finance offer which means paying for the bike over 3 years, having 2 years of breakdown cover provided and the 2 year manufacturers warranty thrown in. It’s a 2011 model which includes a tachometer (rev counter). Aside from that, I *believe* it’s pretty similar to the previous 2009/10 models.

I had to use the warranty as well, because as soon as I rode the bike home, there was an oil leak (I thought my mother in law was joking when she told me)! I managed to trace it to the gear selector shaft as it goes into the engine. Oil was getting passed a seal. “Ok, I’d better check the level”, thought I, so I go to unscrew the dipstick and *HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* – the crankcase depressurises! Now then, that shouldn’t happen, especially with a brand new machine! So, I took it straight back to the dealer and they identified a twisted crankcase breather hose that was effectively blocking itself. It’s nice not having to do things myself for a change, but this kind of basic fault worries me, as it was due to poor assembly and not component failure.

If you don’t know what a crankcase breather is, here’s an explanation: Basically, the engine is sealed and oil circulates around inside, keeping everything lubricated to avoid parts wearing out. Engines get hot due to friction and the explosions going on in the cylinder. The oil gets hot too, some of it vapourises and that increases pressure inside the engine. So, we have a pipe leading out of the casing to the air filter so that the extra pressure can escape. If it can’t escape, then oil seals will blow out and that means oil gets past them and ends up all over the floor!

I’ll tell you something else, it feels good not having to worry about MOT’s for the next 3 years! With the YBR, MOT time was in January and the last few winters have been, well, let’s just say, a bit nippy…

So, I’ve been ‘commuterising’ the machine – I’ve added a Givi screen (317DT) and top box/rack (E30). It is interesting to note that these bits fit on my 2011 CBF but are only listed for the 2009/10 model. I bought Givi bits rather than Honda accessories because the Honda stuff is considerably more expensive, and Givi actually make those parts for Honda (so you’re paying for the name)!

I’ve also added a Touratech mount for my TomTom Rider GPS and also mounted a small cheap £6 camera that I use as a ‘black box’, in case I need evidence for an insurance claim etc. I’ve noticed a lot of drivers doing this lately and I reckon it’s well worth it as when you do have an accident, you’ll probably need real evidence because people do like to tell porkie pies. I’ll take some photos soon.

So, the 600 mile service is due in a week’s time and then the fun can truly begin.


7 thoughts on “Where things are now…

  1. Hi
    If you don’t mind me asking, what £6 camera did you use? And is it any good?
    I’ve joined the CBF125 clan as my first bike, and have to say I love it. Beats driving a car any day

  2. Hi,
    Would you mind letting me know which model Touratech mount you are using? I’ve looked on their online shop and can’t see one for the CBF125? Many thanks for the site btw, i’ve found it very informative and helpful (i checked and adjusted my valve clearance the other day :D)
    Reason for the GPS mount, I am considering taking my CBF125 on a drive from the UK to Dakar in Senegal, inspired by the likes of Ted Simon and this chap http://www.talesfromthesaddle.com/ who’s spent >4years now touring on his YBR125!

    • It’s not bike-specific, but specific for the GPS you’re using, and in my case it’s the TomTom Rider 1 mount. I have it coupled with a RAM mount U bolt and arm on the bike itself, again generic parts.

  3. Hi, very very basic question (I’m new to the world of biking), what lube should I put on the chain? I have been advised to use PJ1 although it’s hard to get hold of – is there an alternative you could suggest?
    Thanks, Phoebe

    • I use endurance chain lube by Muc Off on my Cbf125.
      It works great in wet and in dry conditions.
      Any motorcycle chain lube should be ok, just as long as you don’t use dry lube in the wet, vice versa.
      Just don’t use WD-40 on the chain, as it is not specifically designed to be used on motorcycle chains.

  4. Hello,
    May sound like a silly question but how did you install the screen?
    I have the Honda one and cannot think of how to fit it with the metal things.
    Regards Tom

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