Ariete Fork Gaiters!

If you’re going to ride all year round, fork gaiters are an absolute must in my opinion. I had fitted some to my YBR and never, in three winters and 40’000 miles, ever had to change a single fork seal or deal with rusting and pitting on the fork stanchions. They stayed clean, dry and in great condition. Did I say I NEVER had to change the seals – they were originals from the factory in 2005! And we all know what the last three winters were like…

So with that in mind, I’ve managed to get my hands on these today:

These are, I’ve been told, pretty much the best, most durable, well made gaiters you can get – Ariete 07907’s. The ones I fitted to my YBR looked like these but they were cheap pattern parts and perished/split over last winter (I superglued the splits back together). These are a lot thicker and stiffer than the previous pair, but still very flexible. They have an air hole near the bottom to deal with the change in pressure that’ll happen when the forks compress. They should be a perfect fit for the CBF125’s forks, specified to fit a 28-30mm diameter stanchion and 46-48mm diameter fork leg. The length is 215mm. These are also a good fit for the YBR (a bit tight because it has 30mm diameter stanchions and a 50mm diameter leg) and CG125.

Ariete gaiters are quite hard to come by in the UK, but Wemoto were able to source them for me after I contacted them with a request. As far as I’m aware, they are the only online seller to offer these gaiters in the UK at this point in time.

I’ll be fitting them once my workshop manual turns up in the post (I want to know torque specs for various fasteners and if there are any hidden ‘gotchas’ when removing the fork legs on this bike etc), but I don’t suspect it’ll be too much of a challenge. Expect a full breakdown of the process when it happens!

One other thing – MOT testers aren’t allowed to disassemble any part of your machine, which includes gaiters, if they’re secured by a cable tie, or jubilee clip etc. So they can’t check under them for leaking fork oil. Not that you’d ever let your forks get into that state, as it’s not particularly safe!


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