Fuel Economy

This morning I did my first fuel usage calculation based on one fill up. Over time the figures should get more accurate after more fills and averaging the results out.

The verdict: I am getting 117.57 miles per gallon (that’s an imperial gallon, NOT a US gallon!). Pretty good compared to the YBR’s 90 or so MPG.

For those who are really interested, I covered a distance of 184.4 miles and used 7.16 litres of petrol (Shell V-Power). The distance is measured on the CBF’s own odometer which may be inaccurate, since the speedo does also over-read by about 10%. The engine is also still running in (600 mile service due tomorrow!) so the results may well change as time goes on…


3 thoughts on “Fuel Economy

  1. Hi, Interesting read, i have just bought a CBF 125 for exactly the same purpose i currently do 200miles a week and was staggered to complete this distance on 6.5 litres which equates to around 140mpg!! So far so good my bike has just completed 600 miles i hope i don’t suffer the kangerooing you describe in your other post!!



    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comment. I have been doing more calculations since I’ve done a couple more fill ups since the bike has been run in, and I’m now getting 130-140mpg, which is fantastic.

      As to the kangaroo hopping problem, I think you need to be riding for quite a while in start-stop traffic on a hot day for it to happen.

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