630 miles – first service

Well, that’s out-of-the-way now. The bike’s been run in and now the fun can begin! This will probably be the first and last time this machine is serviced by someone other than me.

Initial observations on riding home from the dealership were that vibrations had dropped quite a lot – the key lock in my Touratech GPS mount doesn’t rattle as much as it did before (which is annoyingly noisy). Chassis fastners should have all been checked and torqued up correctly. The clutch seems to have a smoother bite. So, I guess that’s due to the change of engine oil, as I believe manufacturers may use something special for the running in period (or so I’m told). The engine also idles a little more happily (would fluctuate between 1’500 and 2’000rpm before and I could feel the difference in vibrations when at a stand-still).

So, next service due at 2’500 miles. Can’t wait(!) Well, actually I can because I am still waiting for the workshop manual to arrive.


8 thoughts on “630 miles – first service

  1. Hi there! I’m looking to buy a new CBF 125 at the end of August, and I’m looking at costings. How much did the first service cost? Also, what was the quoted cost from your dealer for the 2500 mile service? Did it include parts and labour? Great site btw, really useful 🙂

    • Hi,

      First service cost £60. I did not get a quote for the 2’500 mile service because I did it myself – probably works out at around £10 in consumables like oil/grease etc. I would imagine £100 or so would be the norm, depending on where you go, most of it for labour and a bit for consumables, providing they don’t replace any parts like brake pads/air filter/spark plug etc which will push the price up. If you want to save the most money, and aren’t scared of a spanner, or have a friend or family member who knows what they’re doing who’s willing to guide you, the shop manual is worth getting for about £50 from Wemoto and you’d be best off taking on the servicing yourself. You can even leave the more complex jobs to the dealer if you want and still save labour costs. If you get it dealer serviced, the costs will mount up if you start racking up the miles like I do (300 a week – service every 2 months).

  2. Thanks for the quick response, I service my car but this will be my first bike so I may leave it to the dealer for the first few services. They’re less than a mile away and my commute is only 100 miles a week. Any tips for running the bike in?

    • When you get the bike have a look in the owner’s manual for the service schedule to get an idea of what needs to be done – it’s not difficult if you’ve already been working on vehicles, especially the 600 mile service which is basically an oil change and checking fasteners are all nice and tight. Of course there are other things you need to do like check chain tension and clean/oil the chain regularly as well as tyre pressures but they are more like daily/weekly checks rather than discrete service items.

      For running in, I just didn’t ride it harshly, as in opening the throttle all the way to accelerate as quickly as possible, or letting it rev to the red line before changing gear, or dumping the clutch whilst changing gear (slip it in carefully). I tried to keep revs below 6-7k rpm, which meant not going much faster than 50mph in 5th gear and changing up the gears around 6’000 rpm. Basically ride ‘smoothly’. Be careful with the brake pads as they’re new and need a little while to bed in, so don’t brake harshly for the first 50 miles or so. Also be careful with the tyres as you’ll need to scrub them in over the first 100 miles or so – they have a slippery layer on them from the manufacturing process that needs to be worn off. Don’t lean too hard into corners, be cautious, but gradually increase the lean angle as time goes on up to where you feel ‘normal’. I also let the engine warm up for 5 minutes or so each morning before setting off. Advice is not to be tempted to start revving it whilst in neutral either.

  3. I have just been quoted £99 labour plus oil, sundries and environmental charge for a 1st service (600miles). Has anyone else got a better offer on a 1st service?

    Service details are:
    At the first service we replace the engine oil and the sump plug washer.
    We check the tyres, wheels, wheel bearings, brakes, steering bearings, the forks, the instruments, lights, headlight aim, the frame, wheel alignment, swinging arm bearings, rear shocks, exhaust.
    We also check clean adjust and lube the drive chain. Check and adjust (if necessary) the clutch cable. Check throttle cables and adjust free play. All the pivot points get lubricated.
    We check the brake fluid level. Check valve clearances and adjust if they are out. We also do a general nut and bolt tightness check. After all this a test ride is carried out to make sure that all systems are working correctly.

    Sounds pretty thorough though.

    • Just had my first survice 75 pound. Looking at the coments think il do the second my self. Or get a friend to do it for a couple og quid

    • I was told ‘no’ by the dealer I bought it from, and the UK warranty booklet you get with the bike does not mention any provisos about who services your bike – apart from recommending that a Honda dealer does it. Of course, if you screw something up or don’t use an OEM part, you void the warranty on that specific part, but something unrelated should still be okay.

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