A word about Mer Car Polish

Just wanted to post my thoughts on this stuff, after being recommended it. It’s a waxy liquid polish (beige in colour) that is primarily meant for paintwork but you can also use it on shiny chromed surfaces (not sure about fork stanchions though!). It adds a layer of protection and you can keep re-polishing to add more layers if you like.

In use, I followed the instructions – using 2 micro-fibre cloths, one to apply and one to polish/buff with. I applied it to a clean bike (I use Muc-off cleaner, the pink stuff), rubbing it gently into the painted, glossy plastic parts as well as the chromed heat-shield on the exhaust, and other shiny/glossy painted bits like the brake lever fork lowers and passenger footrest hangers. Left it for 10 minutes or so then came back – it had dried to form a dull finish. Then the buffing began – you need a little elbow grease to make it shine, but the results are excellent. It’s just difficult to polish up all the nooks and crannies, like where the fairing meets the headlamp and so on, as you can’t physically get to the small spaces easily.

Overall looks good and rain seems to bead off it quite well. Haven’t noticed any bugs yet, maybe they slid off and didn’t stick or maybe I was lucky and didn’t hit any (although my helmet visor is often encrusted with the buggers every day). During the week, when I haven’t got time to clean the bike, I found that blemishes/marks can just be buffed out without having to reapply any polish. I recommend it and I think a smaller bottle should last a while as you don’t really use very much, unless you like to do multiple coats (may do this in winter). It should hopefully protect the chrome bits from rusting, but I’ll have to wait a while to find out if this is really true…


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