The dreaded ‘kangaroo hopping’ problem!

So… today saw the hottest temperatures in this country since 2006! We hit a whopping 32 degrees celsius. And my CBF125 ticked over the 1000 mile mark. I did feel like celebrating but my jubilations were cut short…

On my commute home, about 25 miles into the journey, after maintaining a constant 50-55mph (most of my journey is high speed dual carriageway) as traffic started to slow, I also slowed in order to prepare to filter through it. All of a sudden the engine lost power and the whole machine lurched forward. It continued this repetitive lurching as the engine would momentarily gain power and lose it again very quickly. Almost like sitting on top of a hopping kangaroo! When I came to a stop at a roundabout, the engine cut out, but I could restart it again, only for the lurching to continue. Check out my video of a portion of this whole incident (but note that the time/date is incorrect as I have not set it properly on my camera, so please ignore it):

So I managed to limp the bike to somewhere I could safely park up (after riding it like at 20-25mph this for a few miles with traffic driving dangerously close behind me and overtaking very fast – it’s not easy to find somewhere safe on the A13 or A130!), and called Hondacare breakdown assistance, to be told I’d be in for anything up to a 5 hour wait for help, as they were very busy! Bear in mind also that we were forecast heavy thunderstorms this evening, and as you could imagine, I was rather ‘concerned’. So I waited. And after 45 minutes I decided to start the bike up and managed to ride home without any further incidents. Here’s the interesting part – if I was in neutral or in gear with the clutch held in, the engine would rev freely. This issue only occurred when the engine was under load, and after letting it cool down for a while, the problem was gone.

Now, I was aware of this problem occurring on the CBF (see here and here) but this was the first time it has happened to me personally. It seems Honda may well also be aware of it, as other CBF owners have heard accounts of their mechanics saying they have seen this particular problem a lot. From what I can glean by a little research, it may be down to a batch of faulty fuel pumps that are installed in the 2010/2011 models of this machine. One comment here suggests that this machine has been recalled by Honda, but I have not found any further evidence to support this from anywhere else. It seems to affect people more in start/stop traffic, like in a busy city centre. Today was the hottest day I have ever ridden this bike in, and this is a very serious issue (potentially dangerous depending on where it happens to you!), so if anyone else has any information or experiences relating to it, please comment here!

It’s also interesting to note that with all the hype about fuel injection being more reliable than traditional carburettors, I never had any fuelling issues with my YBR in nearly 40’000 miles of riding, besides the float bowl rattling loose due to vibration, which isn’t a mechanical failure/fault anyway, just needed to tighten some screws up. Oh and the floats being knocked out of alignment when I was involved in the collision that wrote that bike off (easily fixed by reseating the pin they pivot on and it’s running great again – zero cost to sort out). Fuel injection frustrates me as I can’t troubleshoot or fix any issues with it myself – it’s a bunch of black boxes that you just replace. Although, the fuel economy of my YBR wasn’t as good as my CBF!


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    • Shouldn’t have to worry about over heating on the way home today, its positivity hammering down. I only have a 5 mile commute, hope your bought your waterproofs :S

      • Just missed the rain, luckily, but always have a 1 piece rain suit in the top box just in case! This issue didn’t crop up again either…

  1. Exactly the same happened to me on my CBF125 on Sunday 26th June. The bike is currently with Honda for warranty repair – awaiting a new fuel pump. The bike has only done 625 miles. What’s worse however, is this is now the second time it’s happened!! It first happened at 270 miles and the fuel pump was replaced under warranty so I will be now on fuel pump no. 3 (if you count the bike’s original) in a matter of months. The first time out of interest was on an exceptionally hot day in April. On both occasions my safety was severely compromised with this particular failure, the last one being on the A4 from Slough to London via Heathrow – a 3 lane carriageway with a 40–50 mph speed limit, but with several traffic lights along the way. You are right, it is a serious issue and one that could lead very easily to accidents. It therefore goes without saying I am writing a formal letter of complaint to Honda UK for a full explanation.

    • it just happened to me – went to pull away from the lights – no power – same symptons – bike is now going back to the dealer !

  2. Update:

    Spoke to the dealer and as soon as I described the problem, I didn’t even have to mention the words “fuel pump” and they immediately told me they’d order a new one, and provisionally book the bike in next Saturday (pending the arrival of the replacement) to get it replaced. They were aware of this and they themselves had a few instances of it happening to other customers.

    Hats off to them for excellent customer service. In fact, I have to say they’ve been brilliant with every dealing I’ve had with them, right from buying the bike (they got it ready within a week, and were very accommodating and patient with my queries etc), to sorting out the initial crankcase breather hose problem (straight in and out within an hour, dealt with as a priority by them), throughout the first service (very quick turnaround indeed), and now this. To the motorcycle section staff at Belle Vue Motors, if you ever read this, I want to say thank-you and pass on my recommendations to anyone in the Southend area who is looking for a dealer/garage. I would also like to acknowledge that none of the issues I’ve had are in any way your fault whatsoever.

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  4. Hi,i got my CBF 125 new in Feb and this exact thing happened to me twice during the hot weather in April, i reported it to the dealer when it had its 600 mile service and they could not find anything wrong.It is now on 2600 miles and due its 2nd service but i haven’t experienced it since, i commute 22 miles each day on single carriageways with speeds up to about 55-60mph.I was going to service it myself but changed my mind in case i need to claim on the warranty if it happens again.Great site by the way!!

  5. In April I would have thought this issue wouldn’t have reached a great deal of awareness amongst the dealers, but now it seems it’s well known and I have heard accounts of many dealers replacing the fuel pump under warranty without question, including in my case. The beauty of this is that nobody can really recreate this fault in the workshop – you have to be riding for a while on a very hot day for it to start happening. I suspect if you tell them it’s been happening again, especially on really hot days, they might do something now. The only thing I can think of that may prevent them from replacing it is if it’s not on Honda’s fabled list of faulty pump serial numbers, if it exists (I’ve only heard hear-say about that). You have 2 years on your warranty anyway so, plenty of time for the problem to come back next summer if you’re keeping the bike for that long!

    Servicing the bike yourself will not have any influence on this issue as the fuel pump isn’t a serviceable part. It’s a sealed unit that you throw away and replace. There’s nothing you could do in a service that would cause this issue so Honda should not deny a warranty claim for it.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – doing your own servicing does not invalidate your warranty in the slightest – to be safe just keep receipts of everything you buy, from oil to spark plugs etc, and record the date/mileage of each service and maybe a record of what was done, especially if it was anything not in the schedule, like replacement of a faulty component you’re just supposed to ‘check’ at service intervals. I staple the receipts into my service history book, on the relevant page for the service I bought the bits for.

    • I bought my CBF125 in January and up till yesterday it had done 4400 trouble free miles. Today (June 30th) the hottest day of the year, stationary traffic on the A40, and exactly the symptoms you described. I let it cool for a few minutes and got a mile before the problem reappeared, but then refuelled . I don’t know if it was 11 litres of cold petrol, the rest, or thinning traffic that cured the problem, but the remaining commute home was trouble free.

  6. Hi, I read that you travel on the A13. How do you find the bike on that road, as I too will be travelling the A13 into London and will be on the 70mph stretch which is quite exposed to wind. I am wondering if the bike can handle the wind/speed of this stretch without being blown about as its not as weighty as its bigger brothers??

    • Watch out for crosswinds, especially when you get just inside the M25 (where the wind turbines are). I have found that the CBF catches the wind a lot more than the YBR (probably because of the fairing). Light bikes are prone to this anyway because they weigh so little. Gripping the tank a little more tightly with your knees, and stiffening your arms a bit helps, as does leaning into the wind. The tall screen may also help make things a bit more stable at the front of the bike.

  7. I bought a 2011 model in Jan this year (2012). Interestingly, the Kangaroo problem hit me on friday (23/03/2011) a hot day at just over 1000 miles, typically it went in the middle of traffic on the A406…. off bike went into shop, and they couldn’t find anything. After a chat with the garage manager, where I mentioned the dodgy fuel pumps he said immediatly that he would do a warrently claim if I wished….. I did, so hopefully this kangarooing will not reoccur. Thank you so much for this blog, it has made a potentially difficult situation (because I am a girl) very simple!!

  8. Just happened to me yesterday on a 2011 CBF, normally happens after about 10 minutes of A road driving then crawling through traffic for another 15, the bike seems like it cannot properly cool its-self as after a minute or two of the engine turned off its good for another 5 minutes of driving before the problem comes back.

    Best see about getting it replaced then…

  9. Happened to me twice now. Two new pumps both after 150 miles and only bought it 6 weeks ago. The dealer’s had it the same amount of time as I have! I collected the bike again today and the dealer told me that Honda have sent out a memo saying the inside of the CBF125 fuel tanks have been coated with rust protectant to preserve them during shipping from India which maybe dirtying the fuel and causing the engine to cut out. They’ve been told to completely flush the tanks out with fuel before selling them. Whether this solves the problem only time will tell but if I have to take it back again I’m going for a refund. I did my CBT on a non-fuel injected one which behaved impeccably but otherwise a great bike.

      • So, with a further 300 miles under my belt cleaning the tank out with fuel to remove the rust protectant seems to have worked a treat. I haven’t had any further problems at all and really enjoying my bike. My Honda dealership (Motoden) have been great and not charged me for anything. I feel it’s a real shame and quite surprised that many people are getting awful service from franchised dealerships.

  10. I have sold the 125 now after passing my test but feel sorry for any of you encountering this problem. As mentioned earlier I had 2 new fuel pumps under warranty. (By the way the cost of this warranty repair comes out at £150 a go so it’s good business for the franchises). I wrote to the Head of Honda UK about it to complain that this is not satisfactory for a brand new bike. I suggest you all do the same.

    • Touch wood, it hasn’t happened again and I’ve done nearly 13’000 miles now. I really advise everyone to fit an in-line fuel filter as there’s nothing protecting the pump at all and it’s a very expensive component.

  11. I am also unfortunately an owner of a Honda 125 CBF (09 plate) and have had nothing but trouble with it; Kangaroo hopping, cutting out, over heating, blown engine and now smoking badly are on the list of why not to buy Honda again.
    My commute into London is approximately 45 miles, most of which is on the A12 travelling at whatever speed the bike decides it would like to do.
    I weigh 10 Stone and managed to bend the twin rear shocks which should be capable of carrying 2 people!
    Some days the bike will only achieve 45 Mph up a slight incline with the wind blowing the wrong way. I don’t know how other owners manage to get up proper hills on one of these!
    Lorries overtake with ease on some days which is rather embarrassing.
    On a good day the bike can be fast and responsive and could probably easily go over 70 Mph but the high revving noise from the engine sounds like the poor thing is going to blow up so that’s never been attempted.
    After mentioning my concerns about the hot smell of the bike a few times and being practically laughed at because it’s an air cooled engine I seemed to believe that my common sense or my nose was at fault.. And the brand new engine wasn’t really melting it’s self.
    Serviced regular and looked after but at 10,000 miles the valves seized at 60Mph on the A12 and smashed the the head and piston to pieces. Just out of warranty.. NICE !
    Replaced engine from a crashed (11 plate) 125 CBF before winter and serviced it regular during the winter.
    Now at 20,000 miles it’s smoking and in need of an engine re-build.
    Although it’s been wet, cold and nasty the very few days of reasonably warm weather have killed the Honda again 😦
    In my opinion these 09,10,11 plate HONDA CBF 125’s OVER-HEAT & SELF-DESTRUCT
    The bike is crap, cheaply built and i would have to recommend anyone to avoid them!

    • Hi to everyone,
      I’m sorry to hear that some people have so many problems with theirs cbf125. I’ve owned cbf125 since January 2009 till today and and so far the only problem I’ve had was the faulty fuel pump that failed on 34000 miles. Thank to this blog I’ve managed to find and rectify this problem with second hand pump for £20 from ebay. Since replacement I’ve covered further 2500 miles and so far it seems to be ok. Apart from that my cbf125 was ultra relabel.
      I’ve been servicing my bike myself since it was new so if anyone have any question with regards to servicing I’m more than happy to help.

      • got a cbf125 the engine management light comes on and the speed is reduced to 25 mph any ideas thanks paul

      • Hi mate, I’ve got the CBF 63 plate I have not yet had problems with fuel pumps but 3 months ago I had engine bolts pop out down A13 I managed to get new 1s bolt them down and get it checked in shop until last week I had another oil leek coming from main head gasket so when I got a 2nd opinion 2day I was told by my Honda dealer they won’t touch it due to engine about to blow + Cam shaft mechanical problems, Had to send bike back to original Dealer, This bike been serviced every 2months throughout the last year,

    • I can’t speak for the other problems, but I managed to get far better performance out of mine by using high performance engine oil which is almost red in colour and a lot thinner. I change it every 1500 miles or so, which is more than I need to but better to change it too soon than too late. Also I use a thick grease on the chain and sprockets which makes a noticable difference. I used to get only 60-65mph on a flat dual carriageway but now the needle goes up to 70 quite easily (unless there’s a head wind) and I got up to nearly 80 downhill. You can also buy high performance spark plugs but I’ve no idea if these are any good for this bike or whether they would damage it at all.

  12. [sorry, accidentally replied to 1st post rather than new reply]

    Another issue here. After a 30 mile ride on 50-60mph A roads, I pulled up to park. The idle became rougher and then it cut out. Probably about 400 miles on the clock at that point. It was one of the warmest days we had in March, maybe above 20 degrees C.

    I reported it to the dealer for the 600 mile service. They thought it couldn’t be the fuel pump issue as mine’s too new (61 plate). They even checked the valve clearances for me just in case – no issues found.

    Rode it home through heavy traffic 2 days later and after just 2.5 miles it cut out when stationary, surged and was generally dangerous and hard to ride. Got to open road and it was fine again for the rest of the ride home.

    Dealer picked it up next morning on a trailer – fingers crossed on the outcome…

    Cheers, Pete

    • Well good news from me at least. The dealer returned the bike very quickly, with £150 worth of new fuel pump replaced under warranty. The bike has been fine since (maybe 300 more miles) so here’s hoping with the warmer weather again it’s sorted for good now! Just under 1000 miles on the clock at this point.

      Cheers, Pete

  13. I have had a few issues with the kangarooing however im not convinced its heat related. My bike is a late 2011 model with the tacho.

    I have had the kangarooing problem and had a new fuel pump at around 200 miles, replaced under warranty. It was fine for another 150 miles or so and then it did it again – albeit a small judder. Its done it a few times since but nothing major like i’ve seen in a few you tube videos where the bike is unridable. The one thing i’ve noticed is it only seems to do it after I get to about half a tank on the petrol gauge which leads me to think it might be something else. I’ve read a few articles where Honda are recommending the tanks are flushed before the bikes are sold as there is protective stuff in the tanks to stop them rusting before they are shipped. Therefore I think it could be releated to rubbish in the fuel tank as people only seem to report it when bikes have low mileage hence after a while the rubbish will work its way through.

    Im on about 500 miles and my bike is booked in for its first service the weekend after next and i’ve told them that its still not right so they are looking into it again then. I’ve a decent ride planned this weekend when it is supposed to be hot (well uk hot which is about 20) and i’ll update if I notice anything different to how its been recently (raining and cold!).

    Apart from the juddering which is annoying and only affects a few people, I think this is a great bike for the money. Admittedly I’ve not owned a bike for about 10 years when I owned an AR125 which was great. This isnt as powerful but it handles much better imo and its far smoother in ride and power delivery. It is a bit light so you do notice the wind, but it grips well and has enough power round town. The riding position is ideal for town commuting and it does feel well made. Even with the issues i’ve had I wouldnt hestitate to recommend this bike to anyone looking for a decent 125.

    • I have never heard any real credible explanation as to why the fuel pump ends up doing what it does, only speculation – some say it’s a heat issue, other say it’s due to an additive in the tank contaminating it and Honda have been pretty tight-lipped.

    • Update from the dealer post service – apparently the fuel pump wasnt building up enough pressure (e.g. the fuel pressure was low) which they found on the service and have replaced it with a new one.

  14. I bought a CBF125 in Jan 2012 since then it’s been in the dealers more than it’s with me. I work shifts so I dont use it everyday my journey is around 20miles each way a little bit on the A2, Blackwall tunnel through hackney into Camden. So a little bit of everything. The first time it went back was the bikes power died just coming out of the tunnel it was said to be the fuel pump Honda paid for it and a new one was put on, Next it went back because the speed kept slowing down then speeding up the dealer put it on their computer and said nothing wrong they charged me £33 . Next time it went back the engine management light came on then when i stopped it reset then a few miles up the road it come on again, they said it was the oxygen sensor this was changed under warrenty. then same thing happened again a week or so after and it went in for a rewire fix, same again a couple of weeks later this time a new loom was put in all under warrenty. 11 may 2012 coming to work engine management light came on again this time it was flashing. I’ll be ringing the dealer in the morning and giving the bike back enough is enough i’ve used my car to go to work more than the bike which i bought to do the journey. This bike is totally unfit for purpose.

    • As with all things, there are bound to be the occasional lemons in the bunch, and I’m sorry to hear about all your troubles. There have been a few instances of replacement bikes being given out under warranty when issues can’t be tracked down, so persevere.

  15. Same problem, mine is a 12 plate and done just about 1600 miles. hot summers day and was great till i got into traffic and it started spluttering and died on me at side of road. Unaware of it needing to cool down i waited 3 hours for recovery. Have called Dobles to get the problem fixed but have to wait till they asses and get part in as they wont take my word or admit that the web is flooded with people having the same problem. WIll have to wait and see what happens

  16. Where do I start…………

    This same issue happened to me last night 22/05/2012 (hottest day of the year so far) at 6.10 pm while being 4 miles into my 14 mile commute on my new 12 plate CBF125 with only 385 miles on the clock.

    Let me talk you all through my wonderful night….

    My commute started at 5.45 from central London heading to Bromley, Kent….

    6.05 pm – Bike starts kangarooing up the Old Kent road, SE1, Walked the bike into McDonalds car park.

    6.10 pm – Called Honda Assistance advised them of the issue

    6.40pm – Received a message from Kavanagh Motor Group advising they will be with me between 6.40 and 8pm

    8.30pm – guy in a Kavanagh van arrives, try’s the start the bike using the throttle on the left hand grip, advised him the throttle is on the right grip, he notices water (condensation) dripping from the exhaust, then says the rad has blown on an air cooled bike???????……said he would have to have it recovered, he also advised he had the van that could take a bike but as he hadn’t been given safety training he couldn’t put it into the back of the van. He said Honda would give me a call and let me know what time I will be picked up…

    9.00 pm – I called Honda Assistance as I hadn’t received a call, was advised the earliest they could get a recovery lorry to me was 11.50, advised them that they really need to get here sooner as the Old Kent road isn’t a place for a skinny white boy to be late at night….was told they would try and get another company to come out and call me back…..

    9.30 pm – no call so I called Honda back, was advised they have managed to get another company (kartec) to come out and they will be with me at 11.05, things are starting to look brighter as I thought………

    11.05 pm – no lorry

    11.15 pm – no lorry

    11.30 pm no lorry, starting to really get pissed off, called Honda advised the lorry is still not with me, they said they would check and call me back……

    11.45 pm – Honda called and advised the lorry that was due to pick me up is having over heating problems but is continuing to make his way to me….

    11.59 pm – Honda called and advised that the recovery lorry that was due to recover me is having to be recovered as its had a water pump failure, but they have some good news for me the AA can get to me between 2-3 hour’s time……….so that’s 2/3 in the morning after breaking down at 6pm………..

    00.15 am – called a friend and we put the bike in the back of his van and managed to do the 10 miles back home without the bike falling out the van

    9.00 am – called Honda and told them to pick the bike up and give me my money back, I will not continue to try and teach myself to drive a geared bike with such know issues……my complaint is being looked into………..

    • crazy, we were both sitting in different places on the same day with exactly the same problem. Just so you know i got Honda to replace the fuel pump and i drove it home in yesterdays heat for a longer journey and i think i can say the problem is now fixed.

  17. After reading all the comments, I know now what happened to my Honda Cbf125 today while riding to Stratford upon avon, It also showed all kangaroo issues and cutting out problems. I was fortunate that my father was riding with me and that we were able to get the bike to blade Honda. My Honda is a March 2012 spec and has only done 250 miles with today’s last 50 miles being one of the hottest and frustrating days of me owning my bike. I’ve left the bike with Blade Honda for its first service and obvious check up, regards the problems.

  18. It seems with the recent hot weather this year, this issue is rearing its ugly head again… So typical conditions and symptoms for it are:

    * Bike has a low mileage, usually less than 1000 miles.
    * The weather is very hot.
    * You’re riding around in busy stop/start traffic or have been riding at speed for a while.
    * The bike ‘kangaroo hops’, losing and gaining power and eventually stalling.
    * The problem disappears after letting the bike cool down for a while.

    It’s very disappointing to hear that 2012 CBF125s are still affected and that Honda haven’t made some sort of recall or have done anything publicly to rectify the issue, other than letting customers discover it, and then in some cases, dismissing their claims altogether (depending on the dealer). But now that this issue is so prolific I’d hope that we won’t see anyone being turned away for a fuel pump replacement.

    Incidentally, yesterday I was riding around London in the afternoon/evening when it was very hot for over an hour and had no problems – I’m nearly at 15’000 miles.

  19. I’ve got a 2012 cbf125 with 550 miles on the clock! Just got home after experiencing this problem……bike cut out, would restart only to kangaroo along for a few metres and cut out again. Not impressed and hope i get my bike fixed by friday for my.mod 2 test!

    • This is the same problem with my sons 2012 cbf125, have had fuel pump replaced but after collecting and riding the bike for approx 20 miles, the same problem has occurred today. Have had bike returned to dealer by AA breakdown, who seem to think it could be a fuel injector problem. I would consider using a different bike for your test , if possible , good luck

  20. Been having this problem for a little while now. I’m at about 560miles and I spent the 24th may broken down in Twickenham on my way to getting my hair cut. I struggled back home in a huff.

    Yesterday on the way home from work, I rode about 2 or 3 miles when it conked out again (losing power, stalling, etc).

    Just booked in for my 600mile service and mentioned the problem – he didn’t seem to be aware how popular the issue is but I guess he’s just a receptionist of sorts. Unfortunately I have to wait until 11th June (just under 2 weeks) – I was gently offered a temp bike (I think) but said no out of fear of it actually costing me.

    I also got quoted £71.75 for my first service which I thought was included in the new bike price…so we’ll have to see about that!

    Will let you know how I get on – it’s a shame not to be out in the lovely weather!!

    • Wow, so many problems, so many identical problems. Exactly same happened to me 180miles, except just died and cut out, (several times) my dealer has called me back after I laughed at the mid July wait for a fuel pump (coincidence?) Told them to take it from another they have in stock.(end of that discussion) being replaced tomorrow. Asked about the guarantee it won’t happen to this pump, I was told about the lining in the fuel tank which clogs the pump. (When I pick bike up I will ask why as a known problem leading to the fault why, as stated in another post was the tank not flushed?).
      Great site by the way, really informative with genuine people. Honda will be getting a complaint coming there way from me as well.
      Ps feel for the guy on the old Kent had major wait for tow truck too. At least in a slightly safer area with 4 people stopping to see if I was okay, 1 being a teenager on a push bike who thought to keep me company for half hr.

      • Collected my cbf 125 on saturday 9th june, the fuel pump had been replaced for the second time, all significant checks had been done by Blade at Stratford,took a 50 mile route back to Birmingham and there were no issues. Took another ride out on sunday 10 june for 70 miles and the bike is performing as it should, so hopefully all is well, confidence has returned with trouble free biking, thanks to chris at Blade.

  21. Just had my 600mile service and I let them know about the pump. They said they fixed it under warranty (although I received no paperwork…is this normal?).

    I’ll be taking the side off tonight to have a look at the pump. I made a mark on it so I’ll know if it’s been changed or not. I highly recommend you do the same when you request any parts to be changed…just to be on the safe side!

    Apparently the pump and fuel lines were changed so I’ll take her out for a few long rides and see what’s what. Other than that, she sailed through the service. £71.75 it came to (parts, I believe).

  22. I had the problem on the exact situation to you.
    I am on my 4th fuel pump in 12 months….

    I have had a less obvious problem with the fuel pumps where it jerks about like that, but not as bad, just at higher speed!!
    Very scary! Honda also told me it was a common problem. So I asked about an extended warranty on the fuel pumps, and nothing as of yet!

  23. i have a new CBF 12 plate – 1000 miles, and yesterday after our warmest day for a while had the kangaroo problem. it cut out on me though on a bend inside the Limehouse Link tunnel. rang the dealer who is taking my bike in Sat. so will mention these issues. 2nd time this has happened to me.

    both instances, after a 5min cool down the bike was ready to go again.

    • Hi Dean, sorry to hear you’ve had the problem too – it’s frustrating isn’t it!

      I was told by my dealer that it’s due to the tank lining (a kind of wax) they use when shipping the bikes. They’re meant to flush the tank through with petrol which dissolves the wax, however it gets clogged in the fuel pump (the lack of fuel getting to the engine means it evaporates too quickly and thus the engine gets fuel starved).

      Apparently dealers are meant to know about the issue but I guess some are too lazy/it gets overlooked.

      Mine was fixed under warranty so you shouldn’t have any problem there. Just a simple fuel pump replacement 🙂

  24. I right this sitting on the grass verge in the lay just after the Dartford tunnel, unfortunately I’m unable to find some tissue to clean the inside of my pants. All due the same problem in nearly being pushed out the tunnel by a lorry.

  25. So relieved to find a great website and advice on this problem – I’ve just had to be followed home by the AA due to the kangarooing…and was thinking how I might explain the problem to the Honda dealership. New CBF125 12 plate, had it 7 weeks, coming up to 500 miles on the clock. I’ll throw into conversation the fuel pump and tank lining chat and hope I won’t sound too daft!

    • With the weather being what it is, I expect to see a surge in demand for new fuel pumps… I also expect that the dealer will know about this issue as it’s been running rife for 2 years now!

      • I have just left the bike at the dealership and the mechanic seemed less than impressed with my suggestion about fuel pumps – apparently he had only ever had to replace one and, I quote, ‘that’s cos some bloke was filling it up with an old jerry can of fuel from his dad’s shed’…though he did say Honda had sent a memo out about this issue. If the fuel gets low and the tank lining dissolves in it then the concentration is too high and the bike won’t work is what he seemed to be saying. I haven’t had the tank less than half full since I bought it. He also suggested that everyone on forums thought they were experts – all I can say in response is I’ve learnt more about bikes from the net than I have in 3 minutes of talking to a trained bike mechanic. Maybe I was expecting too much for the response to be ‘oh yes, good plan, I’ll check out the fuel pump first’. Watch this space for his diagnosis!

  26. Hi everyone! reading all the posts here it seems like I’m the worst case so far hah, unlucky lol…My CBF 125 is only 10 days old, bought from brand new on Honda Finance, 132 miles on the clock now and was just thinking I’m starting to get along with her well, being my first bike ever to ride and own. Then yesterday (quite a hot day in London) I was riding on A2 when probably this pump problem happened to me- stalling, loosing power, cutting off, jumping like a kangaroo and so on. I pulled off wandering what to do, changing my plans as I was heading somewhere, called the dealer workshop to ask them what it can be, what could I do, they said “bring it in monday morning to have a look”. I think they must have heard about this problem, being sooo common and would have been really helpful of them to tell me that it could be it, may be advise to wait a bit until engine cools down, then try to ride the bike carefully back home…All these things I had to figured out my self and did so. But it was a very unpleasant and more that so dangerous journey with engine cutting off in idle when waiting at the trafic lights and then all cars trying to avoid me while jumping around in gear. I wander if Honda read these forums at all and what they have to say about this? As I said, I am a brand new biker (it helps though that I’m a quite an experience driver, even work as such at the moment) and tried to do a decent research and forums reading before I decide what bike to go for. I dont’t know why I didn’t stumble upon this problem with the CBFs, as it was the bike I red about the most and eventually the Chosen One…
    Reading about people with 2nd or 3rd pump already makes me feel like I’ve done a wrong choice although I really like the look and the feel of this bike. I’m even still in the 14 days cancellation period of Honda Finance but not sure how much of a hassle it would be to return the bike (I was so sure this is it, I paid my dealer £120 for a top box as well).
    What is your opinion guys, would appreciate it?

  27. So after being thoroughly dismissed by a honda mechanic this morning, I find my house mate has taken a call from Honda. Guess which part I have to wait 2 weeks for…funnily enough a new fuel pump. Two whole weeks. But not to worry, they have given me a replacement bike – a pcx 125. Not at all impressed with Honda at the moment.

  28. Was this supposedly fixed for the 2012 model? My brand new CBF125 with a mere 400 miles on the clock started doing this. Only seems to happen in slow moving traffic, and the weather this weekend is scorching!

    It has a service coming up when it gets 600 miles on the clock. Is the problem likely to get worse?

    • Hasn’t been addressed as far as I know due to people still having problems. Get it replaced under warranty – you’re fully entitled to, no need to wait until the service. I don’t think it gets worse, just reappears in hot weather.

  29. Hello there, nice thread going on as we sure can see many people do experience this problem in the fuel injected cbf 125. I live in India and I’ve had the cbf 125 for the last 3 and a half years, done close to 40k on it. had done an engine rebuild once to increase displacement upto 138cc (which lasted for a year and conked off) but in all stock condition this bike really is reliable and gets me almost close to 60KM to the liter.

    Anyways so I had the “kangaroohopping” problem yesterday, on the highway! so bad! I immediately knew it was fuel related as I know how the bike acts when your restrict the air flow, so i’m gunna start cleaning out the fuel pump and injectors and that good for nothing fuel filter with CarbClean and gasoline. here’s a video of me actually doing it a few months ago,

    you can check out my other cbf 125 top speed videos n stuff too in my channel.
    anyways, will keep u guys posted if the reverse flush and clean will work or not. Cheers.

    • No difference after cleaning it out, can anyone out here tell me if the problem went away after changing the pump? (only the pump)

  30. I’VE DONE IT! the problem my friends isn’t with the fuel pump AT ALL! its with the injectors, they have been clogged or a problem with the opening and closing of the injectors! so what I did was remove my injectors completely and connected a 9V battery to the terminals of the injectors and started squirting CarbClean into the injectors, it will squirting and flushing out the injectors as it did, then did a reverse flush and put it back together, works 100% fine…same old fuel pump… no wonder why SO MANY people here are encountering the SAME issue even after replacing the pump! PLEASE do get your injectors cleaned or changed if in warranty, or if you got a lot of free time like me do try this method. Cheers! and happy riding!

    • Just wanted to weigh in here, as I’ve also had the problem, and I too have solved it by cleaning the injectors…

      My bike was stolen and left next to a skip which was torched. Police recovered the bike (after 6 weeks!), but the petrol cap had been off – probably for the whole time. Anyway, I had the melted fairings/panels replaced only to find that the kangaroo problem had appeared. Since some of these reports talk about wax in the petrol tank that melts in high temperature, I’m guessing the problem was probably caused by the fire.

      Anyway, would start ok, and get a mile or two before kangarooing and eventually cuting out completely – and it would usually restart once or twice, but then not run at all. If left for aan hour or two, would go back to working for a mile or two. Eventually, it just stopped firing all together.

      My solution: I filled it up with some high RON fuel, and added more injector cleaner than was directed on the bottle, turned it over for a few minutes. A day or two later it was firing, but back to kangarooing, and a day or two later still it was absolutely fine (200+ miles since then and not a single kangaroo jump)

    • Cheers! Looking at your email address it seems you run a pretty successful company… I won’t give anything else away but it’s an honour to have you visiting this little blog. 🙂

  31. Hi there just been looking at all the comments. Very useful.
    Just brought a 2009 cbf125 had it a few weeks bike smokes a little and cuts out when slowing down go to restart and bike will not restart with electric start but does when bumped.
    Not experienced any kangooring issues but reading the above wondering if suthering with same issues.
    Has anyone else had anything simular would be grateful for any help. Just come back to bikes after 15 years away and previous experience on suzuki gp125.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello…

      Yea i have had a similar issue. I had the pump replaced at about 600 miles due to the kangaroo problem. Since done 6000 with no issue until last week. Riding in wet conditions, and when decelerating the bike would cut out. Bike would not restart until i cycled ignition a couple of times and primed the fuel circuit . This happend 3 times in the space of 5 miles. Since then I have done another 100 miles with no issue. Felt to me like a fuel starvation issue and am thinking maybe the pump might be on the way out again (when at home i checked the usual stuff, plug, blocked breather etc, but all fine). However its opposite conditions to the original issue – cold wet and going from fast to slow, rather than riding in hot conditions slowly. Interested in the comments regarding the injector, but i am just waiting to see what happens when i next ride in the wet. Thanks for all the info by the way!!!!

  32. I’m also finding this problem with my fairly new CBF125 (2012 plate, 1200Km to date). It’s very strange and random, doesn’t matter if the day is hot or not, and just this morning it decided to throw me into a false neutral between 4th and 5th while going up a slope after doing the hopping for a couple secs. This is just odd. Will have it checked today and report back how this follows. it’s worth noting that this is a carbureted model.

  33. Hi, I’ve got a 2012 CBF125 with less than 2,000 miles on the clock. It’s been used to commute five days a week since the end of Jan, pretty much. It rode about 4 miles without any sign of a problem to the local supermarket but, when I came out to start it up, it turned over but didn’t fire. After pushing it to the local Honda dealership (!) they drained the fuel from the fuel pump and said the fuel was ‘black with silver bits’. The tank had done about 150 miles since the last top up without a problem. There had been a couple of kangaroo moments/stalls at junctions but I put this down to rider error! The garage said it looked like it needed a new fuel pump and new injectors (still under warranty but he wasn’t guaranteeing I wouldn’t have to pay!!!). He asked if we’d put diesel in it – we haven’t. Has anyone got any thoughts? Does this still sound like tank lining/a pump problem? Honda are scratching their heads and have phoned head office to ask if they had heard of this. Sounded like they couldn’t be bothered digging too deep just before a Bank Holiday weekend. Your thoughts are very welcome.

  34. Happened to me yesterday, ticked over 1000 miles, hot May Day bank holiday, 56 miles away from home.
    2 1/2 hours to get back

  35. Hi all,

    I’ve been having this problem on a 13 plate cbf 125. Thats right : a brand bloody new 2013 with 1300 miles on the clock. its been happening since 200 miles. At first, as im a new rider on a CBT, i thought the kangerooing was my fault – being a noob and “epic failing” away from lights and junctions etc. However, after finding this (bloody gold mine btw – THANK YOU SIR CBF125RIDER! (I am not worthy) ) I’ve realised its not me, its the little cnut herself. I believe it was one of the main causes of a crash i had { at a whopping 30 miles per hour } on a rainy day on a corner that the bike had went round beautifuly in both the wet and dry before – and since, many times. The cowboys at my local garage, lets call it John Wayne Motorcycle franchise, had checked the bike over and after riding the bike on a 50 mile journey home i found various parts not torqued up right, and nylock nuts unreplaced that had rattled free and parts of the bike essential to its opperation could’ve popped off and flung me under one of Mr. Stobbarts lovely ladies. ( pants were s**t that day, i assure you)

    It’s now been in to the garage 3 times for this problem. each time i am patronised with statments like “young guys like you dont know what you’re doing and can break these little things pretty quick, son ” (i wonder if the AA will pick me up from jail next time?)

    ANYWAY, heres where i’m having an issue.

    They’ve clearly sold us all a duffer, my duffer was nice enough to try and kill me, as were the monkeys emolyed to fix it. My bike has cosmetic damage due to the off, caused by “ye olde kangeroohopping problem” and the garage dont believe theres a single problem with the bike. Has Anybody else told them to stick it and get their money back? if so, were they on honda finance? how much did they try to di*k you out of by say it was scuffed scratched wonkey etc.?

    thanks for reading,


    One disgruntled little biker…

  36. So I’m looking to buy one of these in rainy old England in about a months time! Do I go ahead or not? Are these issues fixed with the 2014 new ones? Let me know and thanks for this website it’s been a great help already.

    • Hi, the issue is due to a waxy protective coating that is applied to the inside of the tank. It’s purpose is to prevent corrosion during storage and shipping after the tank leaves the factory.

      It is supposed to be flushed out by dealerships when they receive the bikes but a lot of them have not done this. What happens is that it is flushed into the fuel pump by the petrol instead. When it’s cold, it sits in the bottom of the pump as a thick wax, but when the engine warms up, the heat around that area melts it so that it rises up and is pumped into the injector, causing the issues described on this page.

      So the answer is, if your tank has been flushed by the dealer, it’ll be fine, otherwise you’ll likely get this issue. The other thing I’ve heard is that the waxy coating is supposed to be left alone, and the ethanol in our petrol is causing it to flush into the fuel pump. I’m dubious about that since Honda have replaced so many fuel pumps under warranty because of this issue and seem to recognise it as a known problem.

  37. I experienced this today (sat 17th may) going through the rush hour traffic in the center of Sheffield. I managed to limp all the way bk to nottingham and left it to cool down for awhile and seems to be ok now but does seem to lack in power a little still. It had its first service last weekend and everything looked ok but il be takingtit back to the dealer and seeing what they say. Slightly disappointed as its my first bike and was starting to really enjoy it but now im a little wary of were I travel on it at the moment

  38. Hi guys
    Same thing for me aswell
    In 3 months 800 miles ive taken it in a honda dealer 3 times. Once for faulty tyre valve
    Second they turned me away after cutting out.they couldnt find fault after diagnostics check. I told them about this popular fault. Thirdly after 3 weeks it happened again.took it in a thank god it happened to them.
    However, after they replaced fuel pump and fixed an oil leak. I got no apologies. Ive yet to have a phone reply from honda customer after 10 days. Cannot get thru to their agents.
    Should i be compensated for losing money for buses taxis, reducing my work shifts for a new bike with 3 major problems?
    Its a new feb 28 2014 bike too!,!!

  39. Today I faced the same problem, as well. I bought my CBF on the 8th of May, 2014. I’ve had if for almost one month, having ridden it for 700 km. Today was the hottest day I rode it through heavy traffic and suddenly the engine started stalling, loosing power and finally turned off. I fired up and after a while the same happened again. I was aware of this problem when I bought my bike but I thought that Honda had fixed it for the newer models. How wrong was I! Honda puts our lives in danger deliberately, since they are aware of this problem but they do not recall the bikes for repair. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about it. I lost a very important appointment because of this, as well.

  40. This has happened to me twice this week now. Very hot days, not the longest commute. 500 miles on the clock, brand new 14 plate. Just rung the dealer who were very helpful when I purchased the bike and are fitting me in ASAP and lending me a courtesy bike, which is good. Hopefully they will fix the problem and I can continue enjoying my lovely bike.

      • Yes- I have made valve adjustment few days ago. Exhaust valve had zero clearance. Now both are perfectly set – at 0.12 exhaust and 0.08 intake. I changed spark plug and changed oil on Motul with stainer cleaning. Bike pulls easily 68 mph even with a passanger – no kangooro hopping etc. Just that not quite smooth idling when cold (however not all the time). I assume that it could be oil temp.sensor as cold revs are 1800 max and after just few second it drops to 1500 (as they should be when engine is warm). Maybe ECU doesn’t know that engine is cold? Is it possible?

  41. CBFR125 Rider – regarding thios topic – can you please write on my email? I have one question/request for you but I can’t see your e-mail anywhere on this site.

  42. Respectfully, I am not willing to put my personal email address on this blog.

    Also, respectfully, I maintain and contribute to my blog in my own free time, with no funding whatsoever. I.e. it is not my job – I have a busy life where my work and family are my top priority.

    I will respond if and when it is convenient.

  43. So what do you think about faulty oil sensor? Was it a common fault in CBF 125? I measured it rsistance and on 22 Celsius ambietn temp it has 2,71 kOhm.

    • Can you check yours with (on cold, not running engine) an Ohmometer please? please notify ambient temperature when checking. It would helped me a lot.

      • So my first guess seems to be right – it’s an oil temperature sensor failure. When I pluged a resistor (3.1 kOhm ) to oil temperature sensor plug (stock sensor unpluged) revs at idle stays at 2000 rpm – as they should be. So the oil tem. sensor gives wrong resistance to ECU and ECU simply doesn’t know that engine is cold in fact. Now I must change that sensor.

  44. I think I’ve had the same problem today. After riding my cbf125 for 10mins at 50mph I had to slow down as I got into town. After stopping at some lights the exact same thing happened to me. The bike would lose and gain power and then stall. it would restart it but would do the same thing. Some times it also stalled while in neutral and also when I was holding the clutch. I have only just done 2000miles on it. Today was also the warmest time I have ridden it but I am worried as it’s not even summer yet.

    • Oh dear, I’m surprised Honda haven’t addressed this issue – it’s been happening since 2010. Seems dealers still aren’t flushing the tanks on new CBFs…

      • I’m afraid I also have the ‘Kangaroo’ problem on my CBF125. I experienced it the last couple of days in the very hot weather.
        I have contacted Honda who will check the bike and do the repair under warranty (possibly). They seem to think that replacing the fuel pump will be the solution.
        My worry is that I will face the same problem again if your theory about the wax lining is correct.
        How can it be resolved permanently?

  45. I had this exact same problem about 3 weeks after getting my cbf 2013 model and when I took it into my local Honda dealership they told me the exact issue was the faulty fuel pumps, the wax seals melt in heat above 25 degrees Celsius

  46. Meanwhile my idle-satlling problem dissapeard. I didn’t change that temp sensor or any other element. I just installed an inline fuel filter. Matt – it could be a fuel pump failure in your case.

  47. The same thing happened to me on my CBF125 yesterday (15-04-2015) on way home from work, hottest of the year so far & ended up pushing my bike 3 miles to friends house for safe parking.

    Thank you very informative and helpful, made me a saving getting the bike looked at.

  48. My bike is a September 2013 build and has just experienced the same issue. The Honda dealer that I took it to had 3 CBF’s in with the same issue. Fuel pump replaced under warranty (although their first response was that the issue was due to a faulty/loose earth connection). The cost would have been £225 for the pump plus £50 labour, but as I was still covered under the 2 year warranty I did not have to pay.

    This happened over that hot weather that we had in mid April.

    I had my helmet cam on when the symptoms first appeared so if you want to check if yours is the same:

  49. It’s an interesting site. I bought a brand new one on the 4th of April 2015 and have only done 320 miles. This kangarooing & stalling happened to me today, bike is already with dealers who are fitting new pump. Just seems strange that after 5 years the same problem still exists. Good site.
    Excellent service from C j ball in Norwich.

  50. Amazingly helpful site! Absolute goldmine! And to throw another curveball into the mix….

    2010 CBF 125 M… 23000 miles… Hello skippy….

    Can’t possibly be “wax sealer on tank” as even at an average of 250 miles per tank of fuel thats in the order of 90 flushes….
    (I’m a marine mechanic so reasonable exposure to small single pots albeit with a prop instead!) When it first happened I put it down to bad fuel, then it happened again. Hot day, traffic, etc etc.. Still occurring. Traffic clears and a run up at speed problem gone. First thought was heat soak, it happens don’t worry.

    Read all the “kangaroo” stories and was initially sceptical about the sealer idea… Especially as I was observing the fault at high miles.

    Manufactured a heat sheild up to protect the pump. no dice, same if not a little worse (reduced air flow to clear the fault. Altered sheild and fairing to aide airflow. Same.

    My best guess is that the combination of the pump, un-sheilded fuel line running directly behind the engine and ridiculous low volume of fuel at idle is causing vapour locking in the system somewhere… Or that the lack of a vapour seperator in the system is causing the pump to aerate and pump vapour at higher temps… or the pumps are just absolute garbage..

    As far as I can tell its either bad design or crap parts.

    Have you heard of any other high mileage bikes showing symptoms???

    Trying to find any repair info is next to impossible as everyone who has had problems has been repaired under warrenty and all (seem to) appear on low mileage bikes….

  51. The fuel pump “fix” is simply one initial issue being used as a rule of thumb diagnosis every time this happens. It is actually the ECU shutting the bike down as it senses the engine has exceeded the maximum permissible running temperature. That’s why it does it on hot days with a hot engine.

    Cure is simply let it cool for ten minutes and carry on. It’s a poorly designed ECU “safety feature” that is hard written into the software. Putting a buffer circuit between the engine temp sensor and the ECU that only allows the ECU to see up to a temperature point where it still allows the bike to run is the easiest way to remedy this.

    • Bought a 2013 cbf last October from a Honda dealer. Just out of warranty I noticed the head was leaking so I had to pay for a new head and rocker gasket. Now the first warm day I’ve had the dreaded kangaroo issue. Bike has 4400 miles and I’ve done around 3000 with no kangaroo issues until today. Looks like it’s going to cost me. 😦

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  54. I have an 09 model with 22k on the clocks. Up until now it has been the definition of reliable. Then the dreaded kangarooing just showed up on the commute home today. it was just a mile into a 10 mile trip home and not very hot weather. Luckily the dealer is on my way home. So I bounced my way to him through London commuter traffic. After sitting over night at the dealers, it was still doing it for him so heat would seem not to be an issue here. He is getting a new pump, so fingers crossed and a few tears for my wallet.

  55. Bought one of the last CBF125s from a dealer up here in sunny West Yorkshire back in November. That makes it a late 2015 model. I don’t like the CB125F.
    This afternoon, nice sunny day it decided to start this kangarooing nonsense. Halfway over 3 lane roundabout with a car right up my chuffer. Luckily the guy was paying attention and managed to avoid hitting me. Proceeded to misbehave all the way home, kangarooing and cutting out. Let it cool off for an hour and took it out again. OK for a couple of miles and then started again. Off to the dealers tomorrow, possible 2 week wait to get it fixed. I’m hoping they are going to admit the issue and just replace the fuel pump. It’s a good morning or afternoon filled with long walks and public transport to get the bike to the dealers. Not happy – it appears this issue has been ongoing now for 4-5 YEARS!!

    • Hot day today, bike was parked in direct sunlight for around an hour. Done 700 miles, first service two weeks ago. Dealer can’t loan me another bike as I don’t have full licence!!

      Will keep y’all posted.

    • Hi James. I bought my 2015 ’15 reg CBF125 about a month ago from Farnham Honda with only 860 miles on the clock, and mine suffered the kangarooing on the 40 mile ride home.
      Took it back to dealers next day(Saturday) and they gave me a brand new CB125F as a courtesy bike, The new pump was ordered Monday, and the bike was ready to collect Tuesday and has been fine since.
      The dealer should be able to get the fuel pump next day, and it’s a half hr job to replace. I checked it was changed as I marked the original with paint so I know it’s a new one. As soon as I got home I fitted an inline fuel filter(£1.50 from dealer, same filter as the one on here, in the ‘how-to’ section). I also wrapped the rubber fuel pipe hose that goes from the tank to the pump in some heat reflective wrap as I also heard that excess heat can cause a vapour lock which would cause the kangarooing too.
      Anyway, it took my dealer 2 working days to order and have the bike fixed, and they gave me a 125 courtesy bike too. I’ve done 500 miles since the fix and no hint of any issues.

    • Was booked in for the 22nd but they managed to squeeze it in yesterday.
      They’ve replaced the fuel pump AND given me an explanation that fits my experience on these bikes. It is the coating in the tank. Filling the tank (full) before starting the bike the first time allows this coating to dissolve enough to pass through the pump. If there’s only a splash of petrol in the tank before the first start there isn’t enough petrol to dissolve the coating but enough to detach it from the tank wall. It then blocks the pump.
      My first bike had a tank full of petrol when I picked it up, did fine up to over 1000 miles when it was stolen. Current bike had less than a quarter of a tank when I picked it up and 700 miles in it happened. That’s the theory, not the official ‘Honda’ line though.
      Yes I’ll be fitting a filter as soon as I get a chance… 🙂

      • Ah that’s good to hear it’s been done. Yes the wax story was confirmed by another big dealer, they had over 100 bikes in for the same issue over the years so multiply that by the number of dealers country wide could give an idea of the scale of the problem.

  56. Hottest day in September = Kangaroo. Very dangerous. Seems someone needs to get killed before they will recall the whole lot. May 2014 bike with 4400 miles.

  57. I’m having exactly the same problem. It’s 30 degrees today and had been riding the bike fairly hard, then on the way to work tonight it started “kangarooing” and then cut out. Bike is only 18 months old. And has covered 900 miles. I’m wondering if it’s fuel evaporating because of the heat.

  58. Having the same problem on a 64 plate! Bought from new too. Hopefully the dealer can fix even if I’m out of warranty now.

  59. This happened to me yesterday had to abandon the bike at family house , how did you resolve the problem or did it just go

  60. It’s 2018 and folks are still seeing this… wow! Keep the pressure on Honda and get those tanks washed out/clogged fuel pumps replaced!

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