A small adjustment can make a big difference (and a word about copper grease)…

I’m talking about something as small as the gear change lever. I had noticed since day one that it was set quite high, which meant it was uncomfortable to change gear (had to bend my foot too much to change up and it wouldn’t rest naturally on the pedal before changing down).

So I FINALLY got around to sorting it out today – just undoing 2 bolts (one holding a washer where the pedal actually pivots and the other that holds the linkage on to the splines of the shaft going into the engine), Moving the linkage around anticlockwise by one spline has made it absolutely perfect for me. No more instances of pulling up into second gear only to have hit neutral because I didn’t have the leverage. Gear changes are now firm and comfortable. I recommend anyone who finds changing gear uncomfortable to try this.

On another note, I noticed the bolt that holds the linkage on the splines had copper grease on the threads, most likely from the factory! This is an indication of good build quality in my opinion – as copper grease is fantastic at preventing things from seizing due to corrosion. Anyone who rides all year round should use copper grease on the threads of pretty much any fastener (also battery terminals, exhaust gaskets, exhaust studs/bolts, the spark plug threads and the back sides of brake pads to stop them squeaking). It’s not a lubricant so it shouldn’t have any effect on how much torque is needed to tighten things up, nor will parts rattle loose. It won’t melt and run all over the place due to heat, so it’s safe around brakes (but not on braking surfaces of course!) as well as exhaust mounts (which are notorious for seizing). I used it everywhere on the YBR and never rounded off or snapped a treated fastener.


4 thoughts on “A small adjustment can make a big difference (and a word about copper grease)…

  1. Hey, thanks for saying about the gear pivot, I have the 09 model and I find it hard to change down without completely lifting my foot off the pedal and was wondering how easy it may or may not be! Will go out and have a fiddle this afternoon! Thanks

  2. Isn’t it amazing at how much better it feels? I should have done it on day one but with work/family getting in the way I just put up with it with the proviso that I’d adjust it ‘when I could be bothered’. Just had a look through your blog, takes me back to those early wobbly days… lots of fun they were! I’m sure your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds over time. Also interesting that you chose the CBF over the YBR. They are both decent bikes but I feel the CBF has an edge over the (new) YBR (but the 2005 carbed YBR is a great machine). It certainly feels bigger and has a higher sitting position, which I find a lot more comfortable after my 30 mile commute.

    Watch out for the fuel pump issue with your CBF on a hot day. You’ll soon know it if it happens to you… get on to the dealer and they should replace the pump under warranty.

    Also check out the CBF125 Facebook group and Bike Chat Forums (not for the feint hearted or thin-skinned but a great community).

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