Fuel economy stats at Fuelly.com

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll notice that to the right of this page there is a new banner that displays my average fuel economy figures (in miles per Imperial gallon). I have also added a more detailed one to My Bike page. This will change over time because I record every fill up, and if you click on the banner itself you’ll be able to see more detailed statistics.

Pretty cool, eh?


10 thoughts on “Fuel economy stats at Fuelly.com

  1. hello,
    cbf125 2011 model owner here in the algarve portugal.
    did you get the service manual?fit the gaiters?i am about to change my oil “motul 10w-50” at 4272km today and was wondering about valve clearance.hows the bike behaving now?

    • Hi,

      I’m still waiting on the service manual (should be any day now) and haven’t fitted the gaiters yet, but valve clearances are covered in the owner’s manual. Still 1300 miles away from the next service interval so I won’t be doing anything until then. I am using Castrol Power 1 10w30 as that’s the viscosity specified in the UK by Honda at the moment. Out of interest, because of the hotter climate in Portugal, what grade of oil does the manual specify there? Bike is being well behaved at the moment, only had the fuel pump blip once but it’s going to be swapped this weekend anyway under warranty.

      • let me know when you get the service manual please as we can swap e-mails and scans of pages;)in the manual that comes with the bike it says oil 10w-30 but as the climate in each area is different 10w-40 ~ 10w-50 and as the cbf has no oil filter ,they have a metal screen like a sieve or 2 as i understand.i have driven the bike in 35 temp out here in the algarve and “touch wood” no problems yet,made a 400km round trip up the coast last month in 2 days that is and behaved gr8 ,the fuel pump lark is worrying though. i am wondering about the valve clearance issue as the manual says to check it at 4000km service but this month is a bit tight so am changing oil and cleaning plug today.do you have the manual that tells you service interval etc if you do`nt let me know and will scan and send.

  2. To put things into perspective, my previous bike, the YBR, had the same kind of screen filter and a centrifugal filter which is part of the pump assembly behind the clutch cover (it’s just a spinning dish that catches crap). I did oil changes every 2’000 miles and only once checked the mesh filter at 38’000 miles. It was absolutely perfect, only a couple of tiny specks of dirt on it. I never really found the valves requiring major amounts of adjustment on the YBR either, checking them every 4’000 miles as per the service schedule. I even skipped checking them one service and never had a problem. However, early on in the engine’s life, they might change a little more drastically as things are still bedding in.

    I would have thought that with the temperatures you’ve been riding in, you’d have seen the fuel pump issues by now, so you may well be one of the lucky ones. I would use the same oil as you’re using where you are because it’s so hot there. I think 10w30 is okay for the UK climate. 10w30 also lasts longer than other ‘wider-range’ viscosities because they tend to contain more additives that degrade quickly (and so I’ve read can more likely turn to sludge etc after a long time), so just keep your oil changes frequent and you’ll be fine.

    I do have the owner’s manual which has the service schedule and instructions for the basics like valve clearances/oil/plug etc.

  3. do you service the cbf yourself?i read that the guarantee still stands even if you do it yourself.plug clean and oil change is starting now 😉 will upload to youtube later today all going well!
    thanks 4 the replys and do let me know when you get the manual

    • I am planning to but the manual isn’t scheduled to arrive until August! I just found out today… just in time for the 2500 mile service then, hopefully! I am probably a bit too paranoid but I don’t like working on a new machine blind, as it were. Sod’s law – you strip something down only to find that you need to replace some weird gasket or something, or some other part is meant to be dealt with first etc.

      • It is true – you won’t void the warranty if you service it properly by yourself. I asked the dealer and they said as long as I use genuine parts it’s fine. Of course, if you bugger something up as a direct result of poor servicing (like not filling up enough oil and the engine seizes) then you will void the warranty on that part. It certainly hasn’t affected my warranty claim on the fuel pump.

        I did a plug swap when I first got the bike (higher heat range NGK went straight in, replacing the Bosch standard thing). Very easy, and an oil change looks extremely easy as well. I have also installed a few accessories – one of which (a brake light on my top box) meant splicing into the wiring loom. It’s stuff like torque settings for setting the head-race bearings, and the more eccentric bits (like if there are any special considerations when getting to the oil filter strainer, any settings that can be done to the FI system such as idle speed, fork oil quantities/levels and so on) where I’d appreciate the manual. The only reason I haven’t done the fork gaiters yet is because I don’t know the torque setting for the bottom yoke bolts or any other fasteners around there for that matter! I may be a little OCD about it but the torque wrench is most certainly my best friend in the garage!

  4. 136.9! That is almost exactly what Honda claim it can do.

    Wonder if I average the same (tend to race between traffic lights as there’s lots of long roads with them along my commute) as I tend to brim my tank once a week with Shell V-Power and it seems to last with a bit to spare by the time for the next refill.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, I don’t really ride it in an eco-concoius way, but I’d imagine start-stop town riding uses more fuel than my long 60mph dual carriageway stints. You can get a free account at Fuelly and start logging your fill ups and it’ll calculate everything else.

  5. Thanks for this blog it’s made very interesting reading to me as a new biker and CBF125 owner. I was Wondering how you work out your MPG? In a car I would usually brim the thank and reset the odo, drive until the warning light came on and then brim it again – the volume of the second fill is the amount used. I’ve read people talk about hitting the reserve as a reference point but I don’t think the CBF has a reserve? Is there a fuel warning light? I got low-ish yesterday so filled up (9.05 litres brimmed on the center stand) as I didn’t want to test whether or not there’s a warning while I was quite a distance from home.

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