Today I did receive…

The long awaited Official Honda CBF125M Workshop Manual! It is written for the M9 variant, but apart from the tachometer, there seems to be no difference in the M9/MA/MB versions of the CBF. Thankyou Mr Fedex. Knowledge is power and all that!

Soon I will post up my guide/report on fitting the fork gaiters, but in the mean time, here is the manual in all its glory:

If you’d like to get one, Wemoto sell it, although it’s a little pricey at just over £50 a pop. It’ll certainly pay for itself from what you’ll save in labour costs!

One thing that has annoyed me about this bike is the fact that there is very little technical information about it available at the moment for the general public, unless they want to spend a fair bit of money.


3 thoughts on “Today I did receive…

  1. Hello!

    First of all this is the best CBF 125 site all over the internet, thanks for it. I would like to ask you for a favor. Could you please post the Honda part number of your manual? It is on the back cover somewhere… I would be very greatful.

  2. great site,, My CBF is a great bike i bought last year, great on insurance, tax and even more on petrol. 20 Euros per month and i can get almost 600km… She needs a oil change and guess i’m going to change the oil myself but it is great to see this site to find some information.
    Could i asked you the oil i have is 10w40 will this be ok and should i pour all of the 1lt back into her??
    And in case you might be thinking yes she did have a service already.
    please keep this site going its great to see other CBF users.

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