New fuel pump.

Had the fuel pump replaced under warranty yesterday morning, due to the infamous ‘kangarooing’ issue that has been plaguing these bikes. Although it only happened to me once, I though it’d be better to be safe than sorry.

Also, I have discovered that the CBF125 has no fuel filtering whatsoever. Someone who has rides one in Portugal has told me that he has seen an account of rust forming inside the petrol tank. That’s quite alarming, considering the bike is only a year or so old, as well as taking into account the Mediterranean climate! I would expect this over here on perhaps a 5-10 year old bike that had been stood outside all year round.

My YBR, on the other hand, has two filters – a metal strainer in the tank itself, and a traditional filter as part of the fuel tap mechanism. Maybe it’s a money saving exercise in order to cut down manufacturing costs. Anyway, I will be fitting in an in-line filter very soon, much like many others have done already. The fuel pump nozzles are 8mm in diameter, so I’d imagine an 8mm filter will fit, although a 6mm filter might also work because the hose seems to be quite stretched over the pump nozzles. Add a couple of 10mm spring clips either side (I’m a belt-and-braces kind of guy!) and you’re good to go.

Next weekend – 2’500 mile service time… and I’ll be stripping the brake calliper to grease up the piston seals properly – I bet it was never done at the factory and I’d better do it whilst the weather is still warm. It’s not part of the schedule, but a lot of garages worth their salt will do this each service to prevent the calliper seizing up in various places.


6 thoughts on “New fuel pump.

  1. Hello my friend!
    Nice posts does this blog has!
    I have a 2011 CBF125M, but it`s the carburated one (central american model, i’m from Costa Rica). I have about 4500Km (2812,5 miles) of road ridden and I have felt 2 short “kangaroo jumps”… Just 2, one after 1000 km and the other at 4500km (yesterday), and I would very interested in adding those filters, knowing that they are not there…. There were just 2 jumps, be they have warned me that would be more in the future…
    Is there anyway that you could tell me how and where did you install them? And how are they like? It would really please me!
    Nice blog!

    • I haven’t installed the filter yet, but the fault on the fuel injected version of the CBF is related to the fuel pump, according to Honda. I am not sure if the carbed version has a fuel pump, some carbed bikes do but I’d have thought smaller ones will be gravity fed from a simple tap on the petrol tank. If you do have a pump, Honda should replace it under warranty. The carbed CBF is not available in the UK either so I have no idea how the fuelling is implemented.

      • Well I have to check out… Because I haven`t even ask the dealer about it… Like I said, it’s one jump in about a week, becase last week had another one, and today too… Nothing to worry about yet…

  2. I just bought a 2nd hand fuel pump which I intend to fit this weekend whilst I am checking the valve clearances. On two occasions the bike cut out when warm (no kangaroo jumping though), it idles perfectly so I’m not convinced it’s the clearances so thought changing the fuel pump may resolve the issue. I will also change the spark plug as a suspect it hasn’t been changed from new (bike is an 09 on 5000 miles). With regard to the fuel pump – is it just a case of swapping out one for the other, or is there more to it? I have the Haynes manual so will check in there also.

    great site

  3. I have done almost 20000 miles and no fuel pump fault till now as I am hearing a wining from it so thinking of replacing before it gets worse any advice

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