Don’t panic!

I haven’t deleted half of the site, just been having a little tidy-up or ‘reconsolidation’ if you’re of the managerial ilk! The blog has been getting overcrowded with my long posts so I’ve been doing a little ‘snippy snippy’ here and there. Notice theĀ ‘Continue Reading’ links under each post… there you’ll find the meaty stuff. Also look at the menu above – where you can quickly access posts that are relevant to the category you want. Just hover over the ‘My CBF125’ menu to see what I’m going on about…


In-line fuel filter…

Due to the fact that the CBF125 has no form of visible filtering for petrol, either in the tank (the only part you can take out of the tank is the fuel level float/sensor) or rest of the system (fuel pump is a sealed, replaceable unit and cannot be disassembled), I, and many others have felt it best to add an in-line filter to the fuel hose running from the tank to the fuel pump. Continue reading “In-line fuel filter…”

2’389 miles: 2’500 mile service.

Well Saturday came and went, and by the end of last week the bike had reached its second service interval (if you go by the book!). Unfortunately no pictures or detailed how-to’s this time as the work involved was quite basic, and more importantly, my Wife had ‘borrowed’ the camera! Continue reading “2’389 miles: 2’500 mile service.”