Haynes is coming!

After much anticipation, well, there will be a little bit more – but according to Amazon, the Honda CBF125 Service and Repair Manual: 2009 to 2011″ will be published on the 14th of February 2012. Only five months to go then! Still, at least we all know there will be one. I’ll wake the Prime Minister, can you please alert the media?


11 thoughts on “Haynes is coming!

    • Actually, as it’s not a very expensive book (especially when compared to the official service manual), and the guys at Haynes have put a lot of effort into stripping and rebuilding a CBF, as well as completely documenting the process in a way that’s geared towards the DIY ‘mechanic’/owner such as ourselves, isn’t it better to give them our support? 🙂

  1. Well… That was just my ignorance… In that case, I would love to purchase it!
    Don`t really knew what is haynes about… I thought it was something official… My bad!

    • Haynes are an independent publisher who produce their own unofficial service manuals for vehicles that are aimed at the actual owner who wants to take on any maintenance tasks themselves, or who just wants access to technical information on their vehicle. When they write a manual, they actually take the official manufacturer’s service manual and strip/rebuild the vehicle from scratch, taking photos along the way, trying to do it with the ability and tools that the owner would have access to, rather than a specialist garage. Their main purpose is to try and save owners money from labour costs. 🙂

  2. Out of interest how easy is the service manual to understand? I have not done any bike maintenance before but need to have a new chain and sprockets and front brake pads fitted. If I can do the work myself the cost of the service manual will be covered in the first use… I’m not scared of getting my hands dirty I just don’t want to spend £50 on something I won’t be able to understand… would it be better to wait for the haynes? BTW great blog!!

    • It’s aimed at professional mechanics and as such, assumes a lot of prior knowledge and experience. It’s more like a reference manual, although it has drawings and photos for all the procedures. Not too dissimilar from a Haynes but doesn’t hold your hand nearly as much. I’d say it’s worth getting so you know where everything is on the CBF, what the torque settings are, other measurement specifications like valve clearances, a wiring diagram, etc.

      Possibly use it in conjunction with a more generic servicing book aimed at people who are new to it? Like the Haynes Motorcycle Maintenance Techbook. Has a chapter on tools and how to use them, even before looking at bikes. Even if you think you know about tools, trust me, you’ll learn something new! Covers pretty much anything you do during a service, including chain/sprockets and pads. Full colour photos throughout as well.

      In my experience, Haynes manuals aren’t always 100% correct – so I like to have the official service manual sitting beside it to cross-reference things I’m unsure of.

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