Careful, now!

It’s been a while… not much to report – the bike is chugging along nicely, 3’700 miles covered now with no issues on the mechanical front. Anyway…

I’ve bought a new camera – a little MD80 clone, for less than £10. Mounted inside my helmet, I tested it for the first time today. Well, it’s a good thing I did, because I captured this little example of someone who perhaps should have been paying a little more attention…

My main reason for buying this camera is to use for insurance purposes, just in case. I think the quality, although not brilliant, is okay for that. If the worst had have happened in this case, the footage would have clearly shown who was at fault. My only gripe with this camera is that the battery life seems to fall just short of the length of my commute – about 45 minutes. Perhaps after a few charges it will improve.

Of course, books such as Motorcycle Roadcraft (get it if you haven’t already got it!!) help to prepare us for these situations. Watch out folks, because you can be sure that the other person won’t be!


3 thoughts on “Careful, now!

  1. My CBF125 isn’t well at the moment, a 75 mile trip at speeds of 50Mph – 60Mph constant didnt do the piston much good!
    At just under 4000 miles on the clock, have had to strip the bike down, hone out the piston cylinder and put new piston and rings in, full gasket set and new air filter and spark plug (Didnt need to do the air filter or spark plug, but considering they were the cheapest items in the whole job, thought I might as well!)
    Its been off the road for 2 weeks now, and I am craving for my bike back!

    • That’s unusual – these engines are in a low state of tune and should be fine. Never hurt the YBR and I did these long fast journeys all the times. Maybe oil was running low? What grade are you using? I found the recommended 10w30 is too thin in my opinion.

  2. Wouldn`t you believe, how many times does that happen to me almost every day… Should have one of those cameras…. My horn is about to malfunction because of the excesive use….
    I also have some issues with my bike… I found out of a little oil leak, in the front-right corner of the cylinder, right below the exhaust… At first I thougt that somebody was kidding me, cleaned the oil, but two days after the oil appears again, and I am very sure that no one has done the joke again… What really worries me is that looks like the oil is not coming from any gasket or something, it`s coming from between the grooves that keep the engine fresh… The biggest problem is that it has 6661 km, and the warranty expires at 6000km… I went to the dealer, and they told me that if the problem is not anything serious, they will forgive me the extra 600km, but if it is a factory defect, they wont do anything about it…
    I bought a Honda because you don`t expect thease kind of issues….
    Hope everything is fine!

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