Undocumented spare +12V switched connection!

There’s a dirty little secret that the CBF125 has been keeping from me and I’ve tapped into it. Behind the left front cowl, amongst the wiring, there’s a clear piece of tubing containing one lone female bullet connector crimped to two blue/black wires. The ONLY blue/black wiring on this bike is found on the live +12V output from Sub Fuse B – which is responsible to supplying power to the ECU, sensor unit, fuel injector, fuel pump and ignition coil. So why not crimp a male bullet connector to the positive feed of a low powered accessory (such as a GPS!)? Continue reading “Undocumented spare +12V switched connection!”


4’890 miles – 5’000 mile service time.

Second service done by myself – nothing too interesting to report, spark plug was a good ‘tan’ colour, no metal fragments in the (dirty) old engine oil and nothing had ‘failed’ as such. Valve clearances had opened up a little (within 0.04mm or so) since the last service. I expect them to settle down as the miles pile up.

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CBF125 Service Data Sheets

To save myself leafing through pages and pages of workshop manuals, I’ve put some of the most useful information needed when servicing the bike together in the form of these ‘cheat’ sheets. Hopefully these will make things easier, such as when you’re going around the bike tightening up various fasteners to their specified torque settings. The check-list can also be used as part of keeping an accurate, detailed service history on the bike. No more need to rifle through the pages of a service manual. Please note that this information is to supplement that found in the owner’s and workshop manuals and should be used in conjunction with them. Enjoy!

  • CBF125 Specifications – Full listing of the most important specifications for the CBF125, including bulbs, fluid types/quantities, etc. Print it and fill in the specifics for your bike (frame number etc).
  • CBF125 Chassis Torque Settings – The most important chassis fasteners to check tightness of every 5’000 miles.
  • CBF125 Service Check-list – Print this and use it to keep a comprehensive service history, whilst doing things in the most efficient order.

Hello Cyclone V2, bye bye C-11!

Ok a bit of a U-turn… I’ve replaced the C-11 with a V2 and here are my reasons:

  • Remote starting is possible without needing the key at all, whilst also also having the immobiliser functions of the alarm set up.
  • You can use the key to start the bike as well, if you prefer, with the immobiliser set up.
  • Any attempt to hot-wire the ignition switch is detected (wasn’t the case with the C-11 if you wanted the immobiliser option).

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