Hello Cyclone V2, bye bye C-11!

Ok a bit of a U-turn… I’ve replaced the C-11 with a V2 and here are my reasons:

  • Remote starting is possible without needing the key at all, whilst also also having the immobiliser functions of the alarm set up.
  • You can use the key to start the bike as well, if you prefer, with the immobiliser set up.
  • Any attempt to hot-wire the ignition switch is detected (wasn’t the case with the C-11 if you wanted the immobiliser option).

Physically, both alarm systems are almost identical – containing the same siren, LED, identical alarm box casing and wiring – only the key fobs have a slightly different button layout and look. The alarm box behaves a little differently on both units, with respect to how they immobilise the ignition system on the bike. Even the wiring looms are the same, so it was possible for me to simply swap out the alarm box without having to re-install a new loom. Was quite a quick job. The V2 is touted as being easier to install than the C-11. This is mostly due to the fact that it comes bundled with a number of blue ‘scotch-block’ connectors. These are clamped over two wires in order to join them. In my opinion, they do not form a reliable connection, especially on a motorcycle, where vibration and corrosion will have an effect. It is much, much better to solder and heat-shrink the wiring. With that in mind, installation is on the same level as the C-11, for the CBF125.

Whilst the C-11 is very, very good and the basic alarm functions work well, the V2 is much better suited for the CBF125, although it’s a little more expensive.

I’ve covered a couple of hundred miles with the V2 installed and it’s been working perfectly. No problems whatsoever. If you’re considering an alarm for your bike, I strongly recommend you go for it. For £30, you can’t go wrong.

The C-11 shall find a new home on the YBR…


3 thoughts on “Hello Cyclone V2, bye bye C-11!

  1. On your write up I made the plunge and purchased the Cyclone V2 for my CBF125. What can I say, it’s fantastic. Probably the best £30 I’ve spent in a long time!

    I soldered all of the wires and then put heat shrink over the joints. I placed the main unit and the siren on the under side of the tank (required loosening the tank) to make it near impossible to get at the unit.

    I was very surprised at the range of the remote. I was half way down the street and could still arm it while it was in the garage. Compared to my car where you have to practically be in the drivers seat, it’s bloody marvellous!

    One very happy biker!


    • Very cool, they’re great aren’t they? I have a good few hundred more miles under my belt now with no issues either. I put mine under the seat rather than the tank (feels a bit more shielded from the elements as it’s sandwiched in there, and easy to get to if I need to bypass it for any reason). I know of others who have put alarms under the tank without issues though.

      Will be interested to see how things go over winter…

  2. Hey I recently purchased a cyclone v2 alarm for my 2012 cbf, as I love the the bike so much I’m a bit reluctant to fit the remote start part of the alarm kit, the instructions for the this part of the system come hand written saying ‘remote start not recommended for cbf125,, I was wondering if anyone else had fitted the system their cbf125, and wat was the quality like, any help appreciated on this……….

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