Diesel, crash and sparks – ouch!

Ouch indeed…¬†Crashed on the A13 on Tuesday (the 13th, strangely enough) – suddenly lost all control of the front whilst going straight on, travelling at around 40-50mph. The stink of diesel on the roads was immense, but I couldn’t see any at that point. Just before, I had been trying to avoid a mile-long slick in the middle of the left lane that I could just about make out – visibility was poor because of the heavy rain. Suffice to say, the driver of whatever vehicle was responsible is not on my ‘most popular’ list at the moment. Enjoy the video…

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7’500 mile service, preparing for winter

As far as timing goes, this worked out quite nicely, as it’s just at that point where winter is about to well and truly set in. Us southern softies have had it quite good with regards to snow so far, although we’ve seen a few sub-zero mornings and some strong winds over the last week or so. Continue reading “7’500 mile service, preparing for winter”

How-to: Clean the engine oil filter strainer.

At 7’500 miles, the service schedule dictates that the engine oil filter strainer is cleaned. This is located inside the engine, and such, is not so straightforward to get at. Small capacity engines like our beloved CBF’s, don’t tend to have much in the way of oil filtering – they rely more on regular oil changes to keep everything running smoothly and don’t have an external, throw-away filter that you replace every-other oil change, unlike bigger engines. if this small strainer gets blocked with dirt/sludge, it’s curtains for the engine. So how do we check out the internal oil filter on the CBF125? Read on…

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