News – slowing down

Hey folks,

I’d really like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read, follow and post messages on this blog. I never thought it’d take off in the way that it did and I’m so delighted to know that it’s helped so many people.

This is just a little message to let you all know that, despite my lack of posting over the last few months, I’m still here but the blog is taking a back seat as my wife and I have just had a new baby boy (well that was 7 weeks ago – time flies). I still pick up all the messages but won’t be so frequent with my replies for the time being and I’ll be slowing down with new posts unless something ground-breaking occurs.

For those amongst us who celebrate at this time of year, I’d like to wish you a happy festive season, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever it is you partake in! And have a wonderful and prosperous happy new Gregorian year!

Thanks again!


10 thoughts on “News – slowing down

  1. Congrats, and a thanks to you for putting together such a good resourse for all of us cbf riders out there. Its helped me hugely getting to grips with the servicing and the gems of knowledge all over the place have given me a lot of insight into biking in general and what can be done and what to expect. Thanks.

  2. congrats about the little one and have a Merry one and an even Happier new year from all here in the Algarve Portugal 😉 keep cbf`n 😀

  3. Hi. Congratulations. With another mouth to feed, will you be downsizing from your CBF? If so, I look forward to reading your Vision 50 blog. Only joking… Seriously, congrats!
    One question for you or any other CBF125 owners reading this… When you change your chain & sprockets, do you use a clip-type joining link or a rivetted link? I did ask this once on MCN forums and as expected,many of the ‘big bike’ owners were dead against split-pin links, insisting my chain would come off, get wrapped up in my wheel and I would die a horrible death. Others insisted clip links were perfectly suited to lower capacity bikes and they had been using them for years with no issues. Opinions please….

  4. Greetings from south india 😀 .congrats on your new born . Your blog is so helpful i think honda should let you write their manual next time. I managed to set the tappets of my Honda 150 correctly following your tutorial. Got all the tools i could get here in india except the torque wrench which are very expensive here :P.

  5. Nice to see you again. 🙂 I still read your posts and enjoy yor tips. They are very helpful for me. Keep going bro!
    Greetings for you and your family!

  6. Hey, you said you would post if there was shocking news… I don’t know if this is news to you or not but its got me all of a tizz…. after posting on here the other day I started thinking… the CBF 125 has been around for over 3 years now (Ive nearly has mine that long), any new CBF or equivalent model on the cards from Honda for my next purchase…??? I googled it and found this…. da da daah…

    The Honda ‘Unicorn Dazzler’ what a frickin awesome name! From what I understand this machine has been around on the Indian market for some time, HONDA = PLEASE BRING IT TO THE UK! I WANT ONE (and don’t rename it for the ‘reserved’ UK market – I want to tell all my friends I ride a unicorn dazzler! hell I might even tape a tail on the rear mudguard and a horn on the screen)

    This machine takes all the rough bits of the CBF 125 and polishes them up to something shiny e.g.

    149cc 14 bhp engine – a little tiny bit more umph, great.
    digital speedo, fuel gauge and yes, an actual REV counter – hurrah!
    Rear disc brake – Hallelujah
    Mono shock rear suspension – spread the word, the lord has come!
    60 Km per Litre fuel efficiency (unverified)- thats 170mpg – bit fanciful but anywhere near CBF is fine.

    OK, the word is out – everyone pester Honda to bring this beauty to the UK! BOOOOOOOM

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