Around the world!

Today we reached a bit of a milestone in this little CBF’s life. It’s travelled just over 24’900 miles, which is the approximate distance around the Equator. So we can safely say this bike can ride around the entire planet! Might have a nice curry later to celebrate. And here’s the proof… Nom.



7 thoughts on “Around the world!

  1. My CBf is a 12 plate and got it new! After just 500 miles of use and not been over 50mph it developed an issue! Oil leaking from rocker cover! Anyway they re hewed the gasket and it did it again! This time Honda have decided to replace both the cylinder head along with the gasket again! I think they suspect it has a slightly warped head! Trying to get things sorted with Honda appears to be a very long drawn out battle! When you call customer services you get put through to Hungary! Makes a change from India! But… What the hell happened to Honda!? In the eighties they were always on the ball but now they appear to have this layed back approach that just gets you no where! I had to make 37 calls before I got things sorted! Don t know if CBf owners are aware that their bikes are made in India! No did nt think you would! The workmanship has gone so far down! Mine only has 1700 miles on the clock! Never seen the rain and yet there are components on it rusted already! I think 2 and half grand is a bit silly for something that just rusts away! If I wanted that I d buy a ford car! Just a example, in 1979 I got a 6 month old Honda xl 185 and did some 20,000 miles on it in all weather! It never had a service and not one component had any signs of surface rust yet alone corrosion! Only washed it once every month too! Well done on the 24k by the way! Proves they are capable if you get one that’s not leaking oil! My 1999 CBR 600 has done 78 0000 miles! Only had cam chain and tensioner s replaced! Serviced every 20k! Engine is still bone dry! Condition of the bike= EXCELLENT! Thanks for reading.

  2. Outstanding πŸ™‚ sorry to hear about the other guys cbf but mine is grand! Honda just as every firm is trying to keep costs down and 2,5 grand i think is a bargain as for what it uses in petrol and what it can do!

  3. I’m on my second CBF 125 a 2012 It’s got 2900 miles on now rust on disk Honda refused to replace after one wet session ! Rust gear linkage assembly now replaced by Honda discoloured crankcase cover relplaced by Honda all main stand components replaced. All this with fsh by Honda rusted despite ACF 50 treatment from new ! Though this has kept bike like new issues aside.
    My last one was 2009 it did approximately 10,000 in as many months not a bit of bother with the exception of centre stand breaking easy fix. There is no doubt in my view whilst Honda have clearly resolved some of the issues with the bike in the MB model some of the cost cutting measures in the MB model are all to evident.
    Congratulations on 24,000 which is very encouraging but i don’t think it will sway me into another Honda quality of build is just not there. Its all well and good saying its only two and half grand but when you consider a cheap Chinese 125 can be purchased and on the road for approximately seven hundred quid its difficult to see the extra quality at the additional 1800 I think honda should watch out in this respect. These small bikes were once the specialty of Honda no longer the case ! Though bike has some great attributes.

  4. I’ve just taken possession of my spangly new cbf125 13 plate, new red colour with black painted engine and belly pan. One of the reasons I bought it rather than another 125 was this blog. So well done – great engagement πŸ˜‰ I think it’s awesome and has for the last couple of days been a fab step up from riding a scooter which I’ve done on and off for a number of years.

    Question: I think the gearshift is a little sticky, like it doesn’t always want to kick down all the way through to 1st if you’re doing it in one go (this has only happened a couple of times) and I’ve had two moments when I couldn’t get her down to first from neutral.

    I think this is not being positive enough with the gearshift (ie I need to be firm and carry the kick through all the way) but I’m curious whether the gearshift loosened up for you over the first 100-200 miles (she’s only done 25) or whether it was always from the start perfectly easy and worked every time to get any and all gears?

    Btw – about your post about whether to run in the old way or the ‘violent’ way, when I asked about running in and being dead careful (from the big name Honda garage I bought the bike from) they said ‘that doesn’t matter so much any more, just don’t go ballistic for the first 600 miles’. Direct quote. Interesting!

  5. Im on 28k miles currently with my 09 cbf125. I’m now at the point where i’m having to completely strip the bike and hammerite the frame to stop the cheap metal from rusting. The frame might not be as good as the old CG but the engine is still bulletproof.

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