Tools and ting.

One thing I’m asked a lot is “What tools do you need to keep your bike serviced?”. So much so that this post has really been a long time coming. So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the various bits and bobs that I need to help keep this little bike rolling.

The Tool Board.

Here’s where I keep most of my ‘go to’ tools. The ones I need for pretty much everything on the bike.


From left to right, top to bottom:

Metric combination spanners, adjustable spanners, screwdrivers (slotted and philips), adjustable C-spanner, tappet tool, metric feeler gauges, Yamaha steering head tool (not needed for CBF) tyre pressure gauge, spark plug gap measurement tool, Irwin bolt-grip sockets (for removing rounded off bolts, very handy!), various size mole grips, head torch, hose clamp (fuel/brake), wire strippers (missing from photo), pliers (missing as well), various sized drifts, a hammer, screwdriver bits and various 3/8″ (best size for the bike in my opinion) metric sockets (crows feet, Allen/hex head, deep sockets and standard sockets).

More tools.

So we move on to my little storage box where I tend to put everything else. Those bits that are perhaps more delicate or sensitive, or unable to fit on the board.


So we have… Socket adaptors and larger more rarely used sockets, pump and tyre valve tools, a cable oiler, extension bars for use with sockets, a ratchet tool, pencil/pens, spark plug brush, small pliers and precision screwdrivers.

And inside:


Vernier callipers (for making precise measurements of components), junior hacksaw, large side-cutters, rubber mallet, breaker bar, 3/8″ torque wrench with an 8-60Nm range, multimeter, tape measure, lump hammer, impact driver. And to either side of the box we’ve got a pack of nitrile gloves (resistant to oil etc) and an 18V cordless drill which acts as a nifty screwdriver too with torque settings so it can’t over tighten things.

And finally…


A metric tap and die set (for making screw threads) and a slide hammer bearing puller (great for removing wheel bearings).


So that’s the tools, now on to the substances…


Cleaning gel, shampoo, brake cleaner, polish, penetrating fluid (for freeing seized parts), lithium grease (for most metal on metal pivots), Teflon based spray (for cables and plastic/rubber bits), engine oil can (for lubing up o-rings etc before installing), copper grease (used to stop screw threads seizing and brake pads squealing amongst other things), fork oil and molybdenum grease (for high load low movement metal on metal jobs like the rear brake cam, also used on engine parts as an assembly grease).


And the rest… Paraffin (chan cleaning, general degreasing), contact cleaner (for electrical parts), gear oil (for the chain), red rubber grease (for brake calliper pistons and sliders) compressed air, methylated spirits (for cleaning bulbs), ACF50 (excellent corrosion inhibitor for winter), LM grease (general metal on metal lubrication and protection, but it’s very thick and is a dirt magnet) and barrier cream (for your hands!). Also note the Loktite 243 (chemically resistant, designed to lock fasteners that still need to be undone later).

I hope this post might give some insight into the bits and bobs that a gentleman has within his grasp when maintaining his motor bicycle. Tally ho!


5 thoughts on “Tools and ting.

  1. Very informative, cheers! My CBF will need servicing soon, glad I have a reference for the useful tools.

  2. Wow… congrats for the blog and all the brautifull work you’re doing… I have a ’09 plate and found your blog very informativr and helpful so far… Thanks for posting the tools and chemicals needed… It is a nice guide to what is still missing from my inventory.

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