Together we are stronger!

Do you want to blog here? Let me know!

This blog seems to get the lion’s share of web traffic when it comes to the little CBF125, around 250 hits a day! Alas, I’m no longer the keeper of one of these machines but I’ve got an idea.

I want to open up the blog to other authors – maybe that’s you? If you’re riding one of these machines and have something interesting to tell the world about, I want to hear from you! The hope is that this blog will live on to become a place for CBF125 Riders around the world (including Stunners!) to share their tips, tricks and experiences.

Reply here if you want to get stuck in! You’ll get your own account to post with!


6 thoughts on “Together we are stronger!

  1. I don’t really have much to say, except for one thing. So if I could write about that, I think it’d be helpful for everyone.

  2. I would love to put up my own opinion of the bike,as im 17 in a few weeks and want to share my first impressions as barely anyone whos my age reviews these bikes

  3. Hi, could relay riders Uk. Get a small section about us section please. As alot of our members ride 125, and your site provides alot of traffic to fellow riders

  4. I’ve got a 58 plate that’s never left Cornwall so I’m an expert on rust. Bikes currently getting de-corroded as I write, if you live inland and are concerned about your rusty exhaust pipe then believe me, your fear is a small one, I’ve had various brackets literally turn to dust on mine.
    Given the opportunity the CBF will happily flake away but under the crust is oddly enough another CBF crying out for a drop of hammerite. When I’ve finished sorting it out it’ll no doubt look good for its age and serve me well but in the meantime I’m still knee deep in jennolite, plusgas and paint.
    Basically if the rear swing arm and brake torque arm can be successfully separated without penetrating oil and are not deeply pitted the rest of the bike should be fine. And if the front engine bracket and lower fork yoke still have factory paint you’re good to go and if when you run your fingers along the underside of the fuel tank you don’t get lockjaw…

    …you get the picture.

    I only wish I’d taken some before and afters to show you what I mean but there are others down here near the south tip of Britain that could well fall under the lense at some point in the future, if only to give others an idea what to look out for in future.

    On another note the Indians speak well of 10w50w oil for keeping the motor smooth when hot and AVON do a range of tyres called “streetrunner” that might be worth a look.

    …I’ve had 80 out of mine, downhill, it protested.

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