CBF125 vs YBR125 – from the archives


Image credit: Visordown

I dug this up from a reply I wrote to a comment burried in the murky depths of this blog. It’s based on my experiences with both bikes and may be useful if you’re deliberating between purchasing a CBF or YBR, especially the older 2005 carburettor based YBR125. Although apart from the introduction of fuel injection, later YBR125s are similar.

What do I prefer? Well, I’m a bit divided to be honest; there are minor pros and cons to each bike… The CBF seems to have had more warranty issues than the YBR – the build quality is questionable, they’re made in India with the YBR being made in China, which has also had its issues, predominantly with premature corrosion. I’d love to hear your comments. Which do you prefer and why? Or are you riding sometbing else? Read on… Continue reading


Around the world!

Today we reached a bit of a milestone in this little CBF’s life. It’s travelled just over 24’900 miles, which is the approximate distance around the Equator. So we can safely say this bike can ride around the entire planet! Might have a nice curry later to celebrate. And here’s the proof… Nom.


Diesel, crash and sparks – ouch!

Ouch indeed… Crashed on the A13 on Tuesday (the 13th, strangely enough) – suddenly lost all control of the front whilst going straight on, travelling at around 40-50mph. The stink of diesel on the roads was immense, but I couldn’t see any at that point. Just before, I had been trying to avoid a mile-long slick in the middle of the left lane that I could just about make out – visibility was poor because of the heavy rain. Suffice to say, the driver of whatever vehicle was responsible is not on my ‘most popular’ list at the moment. Enjoy the video…

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Careful, now!

It’s been a while… not much to report – the bike is chugging along nicely, 3’700 miles covered now with no issues on the mechanical front. Anyway…

I’ve bought a new camera – a little MD80 clone, for less than £10. Mounted inside my helmet, I tested it for the first time today. Well, it’s a good thing I did, because I captured this little example of someone who perhaps should have been paying a little more attention…

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Fuel economy stats at Fuelly.com

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll notice that to the right of this page there is a new banner that displays my average fuel economy figures (in miles per Imperial gallon). I have also added a more detailed one to My Bike page. This will change over time because I record every fill up, and if you click on the banner itself you’ll be able to see more detailed statistics.

Pretty cool, eh?

Fuel Economy

This morning I did my first fuel usage calculation based on one fill up. Over time the figures should get more accurate after more fills and averaging the results out.

The verdict: I am getting 117.57 miles per gallon (that’s an imperial gallon, NOT a US gallon!). Pretty good compared to the YBR’s 90 or so MPG. Continue reading