Possible solution to the dreaded “Kangaroo” problem

Googling around for “CBF 125 Kangaroo Problem” will give you many results. It is one of the most annoying and potentially dangerous problems with the little CBF (more details here), and since it happened to me 3 or 4 times I was fed up and made it my mission to actually find a solution. Continue reading “Possible solution to the dreaded “Kangaroo” problem”


Tools and ting.

One thing I’m asked a lot is “What tools do you need to keep your bike serviced?”. So much so that this post has really been a long time coming. So without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the various bits and bobs that I need to help keep this little bike rolling.
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Nearly 25’000 miles and a couple of things…

What is it they say? Bike issues are like busses; nothing happens for ages then three come along at once! Changed the fork oil for the first time, replaced the chain’s master link, which had decided to eat one of its o-rings and had to deal with a rather unique speedo issue…
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How-to: Front disc brake calliper servicing

Since the arrival of the Haynes manual, I’ve not thought it overly necessary to keep posting how-to’s, unless I were undertaking an undocumented procedure. Performing a partial strip down and service of the front brake calliper is one such procedure. I do this every 2’500 miles, as I ride during winter when the calliper and its components are extremely vulnerable to road salt. If left unchecked, the brake will bind, internal components will seize and sorting out that mess will be complicated and possibly expensive. A stitch in time saves nine and all that… Continue reading “How-to: Front disc brake calliper servicing”

17’000 miles – drippy drippy!

So after thousands of miles of uneventful riding, the engine decided to start ‘marking its territory’. Little drips of oil appeared below the engine whenever I parked up and left the bike for a while. Maybe it had seen a Harley and was envious, or maybe it was just a sign of something being faulty. After all, this is the sort of thing you start to get happening after the miles start to clock up.

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The Haynes is here – a review

Well well well, a few months have flown by, and the blog has been left a little neglected. So what better way to resurrect things than with the news that Haynes have released a service and repair manual for our beloved CBF125!

Let’s take a closer look… Continue reading “The Haynes is here – a review”

7’500 mile service, preparing for winter

As far as timing goes, this worked out quite nicely, as it’s just at that point where winter is about to well and truly set in. Us southern softies have had it quite good with regards to snow so far, although we’ve seen a few sub-zero mornings and some strong winds over the last week or so. Continue reading “7’500 mile service, preparing for winter”