Around the world!

Today we reached a bit of a milestone in this little CBF’s life. It’s travelled just over 24’900 miles, which is the approximate distance around the Equator. So we can safely say this bike can ride around the entire planet! Might have a nice curry later to celebrate. And here’s the proof… Nom.



Hello Cyclone V2, bye bye C-11!

Ok a bit of a U-turn… I’ve replaced the C-11 with a V2 and here are my reasons:

  • Remote starting is possible without needing the key at all, whilst also also having the immobiliser functions of the alarm set up.
  • You can use the key to start the bike as well, if you prefer, with the immobiliser set up.
  • Any attempt to hot-wire the ignition switch is detected (wasn’t the case with the C-11 if you wanted the immobiliser option).

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In-line fuel filter…

Due to the fact that the CBF125 has no form of visible filtering for petrol, either in the tank (the only part you can take out of the tank is the fuel level float/sensor) or rest of the system (fuel pump is a sealed, replaceable unit and cannot be disassembled), I, and many others have felt it best to add an in-line filter to the fuel hose running from the tank to the fuel pump. Continue reading

Fuel economy stats at

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll notice that to the right of this page there is a new banner that displays my average fuel economy figures (in miles per Imperial gallon). I have also added a more detailed one to My Bike page. This will change over time because I record every fill up, and if you click on the banner itself you’ll be able to see more detailed statistics.

Pretty cool, eh?

Fuel Economy

This morning I did my first fuel usage calculation based on one fill up. Over time the figures should get more accurate after more fills and averaging the results out.

The verdict: I am getting 117.57 miles per gallon (that’s an imperial gallon, NOT a US gallon!). Pretty good compared to the YBR’s 90 or so MPG. Continue reading

Where things are now…

Right then, I picked up my new CBF just over a week ago on Honda’s finance offer which means paying for the bike over 3 years, having 2 years of breakdown cover provided and the 2 year manufacturers warranty thrown in. It’s a 2011 model which includes a tachometer (rev counter). Aside from that, I *believe* it’s pretty similar to the previous 2009/10 models. Continue reading